United Party of Roscamistan

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United Party of Roscamistan
Páirtí Aontaithe Roscamistan (Irish)
PresidentDoros Patusky (last)
LeaderThomas Jacobs (last)
Secretary-GeneralLudwig Collins (last)
WhipSean Dunkerque (last)
Founded1 December 2021
Dissolved21 May 2022
Succeeded byRepublican Bloc
Youth wingUnited Roscami Youth
Membership (2022)14 (at dissolution)
Roscami Nationalism, Socialism, Conservative Jacobism, Anti-atheism
Political positionBig tent
ReligionRoman Catholic
International affiliationUnited Galway movement
SloganUnity is our strength, Diversity is our weakness
6 / 12
Chamber of Representatives
8 / 16
Provincial Governors
10 / 12

The party was a merger of the Roscamistan Freedom Party, Labour Party of Roscamistan and the Liberal Democratic Party

The United Party of Roscamistan was a broad tent nationalist party, and formerly the ruling one in the Republic of Roscamistan, and was the merger of the Roscamistan Freedom Party, the Labour Party of Roscamistan and the Liberal Democratic Party.

The party had the most representation in Roscamistan, held six seats in the Senate, eight seats in the Chamber of Representatives, in control of the autonomous provinces of Greater Roscam, Mervustan, Connemara and Motofia, in control of the national executive branch, and having the Chief Justice in the party. The party dissolved on 21 May 2022 after instability within Roscamistan, and was replaced by the Republican Bloc.


The party was established after President Thomas Jacobs wanted a single united party to govern the state after the end of the Facist Coup in early November 2021. He wished this as he began to plan to have democracy be an integral part of Roscami politics. The first test of democracy were the non-partisan November 2021 Roscamistan elections, with many people either being elected or re-elected. The elections were declared a massive success, with 28 people voting in the elections. The United Party was formally established on 1 December 2021, dissolving the three parties already in existence. The United Party’s first President was Doros Patusky, former Leader of the Roscamistan Freedom Party and Thomas Jacobs, former President of the Liberal Democratic Party became the first Parliamentary Leader.

The United Party’s candidate in the Roscamistan February presidential election was the fifth Vice President Doros Patusky, a political leader with a long and diverse history in Roscamistan. He won the election by simple majority.

After the political crisis with the removal of Junior Vice President Sean Dunkerque, the party would rebrand itself as Republican Bloc.



The party was headed by its chairman, titled President, he would elected by party members for 1 year, he did contest not elections but was the chief of the party and helped with its management.


The person that contested elections with members was the Leader, who was elected by registered members of the party. He led the party in either house of the National Assembly. If the leader was a member of the Chamber of Representatives, he would appoint a group leader in the Senate and vice versa.


The Secretary-general was the chief auditor of the party and kept records, and was head of the complaints department in the party.

Election campaigns

2022 Roscamistan presidential election

The first election the United Party began to campaign for was the February 2022 Roscamistan presidential election. After the announcement by Thomas Jacobs in December 2021 he was would not be running in the election, the party nominated Vice President Doros Patusky as their candidate for the election. The major issues Adam put forward were reforms in the Defence Forces and the ending of the legal limbo when it came to LGBT rights.[1] On 19 February 2022 Doros Patusky was declared the winner of the first ever presidential election of Roscamistan, becoming the first President-elect, and was slated to be inaugurated on 18 March 2022.

April 2022 Chamber of Representatives election

A poster made by Thomas Jacobs as part of the United Party’s campaign

On 2 February 2022, the bicameral Reichstag was abolished, and replaced by the National Assembly, comprised of the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives. The United Party began its campaign for the April 2022 Roscamistan Chamber of Representatives election on 4 March 2021. On 18 April 2022, the United Party gained 8 out of 16 seats, and with the help of the National Party-Christian Solidarity alliance, it became the majority caucus.