Proletarian Democracy (Roscamistan)

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Proletarian Democracy
Daonlathas Prólatáireach (Irish)
Leader & Chamber Minority LeaderEsty Carpentieri
Chamber Minority WhipConnor Hetner
Senate Minority LeaderNicolas Caiazzo
Founded14 February 2022
Dissolved2 November 2022
Headquarters Mervustan
Membership (2022)6
IdeologyDemocratic socialism, left wing populism, left wing nationalism
Political positionLeft-wing
1 / 9
Chamber of Representatives
4 / 16
Provincial Governors
0 / 12

Proletarian Democracy was a democratic-socialist party in the Republic of Roscamistan, founded on 14 February 2022 by Esty Carpentieri. It is the first party to be founded in Roscamistan since the merger of the Roscamistan Freedom Party, the Socialist Labour Party and the Liberal Democratic Party as the United Party. Proletarian Democracy is sometimes seen as the unofficial successor to the Socialist Labour Party. Its leader, Esty Carpentieri announced the party on 16 February 2022 that his party would be contesting the April 2022 Roscamistan Chamber of Representatives election. The party controlled 4 out of 16 seats in the Chamber and 1 out of 9 seats in the Senate at dissolution.