Proletarian Democracy (Roscamistan)

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Proletarian Democracy
Daonlathas Prólatáireach (Irish)
LeaderEsty Carpentieri
Founded14 February 2022
Dissolved2 November 2022
Headquarters Mervustan
Membership (2022)6
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Left-wing populism
Left-wing nationalism
Political positionLeft-wing
1 / 9
Chamber of Representatives
4 / 16
Provincial Governors
0 / 12

Proletarian Democracy was a democratic-socialist party in Roscamistan, founded on 14 February 2022 by Esty Carpentieri. It was the first party to be founded in Roscamistan since the merger of the Roscamistan Freedom Party, the Socialist Labour Party and the Liberal Democratic Party as the United Party. It would merge with the centre-right National Party to form Democratic Action - The People’s Movement on the 2nd of November, 2022.


As preparations for the first presidential electrons were underway, micronationalist Esty Carpentieri formed a new party, Proletarian Democracy on the 14th of February 2022. The first left-wing party since the dissolution of the Socialist Labour Party, the ProDems as they were nicknamed would become the largest opposition party.

Its leader Esty Carpentieri announced the party on the 16th, that his party would be contesting the April elections. After the elections, Proletarian Democracy came to control 4 seats out of 16 in the Chamber of Representatives, and soon 1 seat in the Senate.

In the 11th of May Movement, Proletarian Democracy opposed the coup, saying the United Party had no right to remove then-President Doros Patusky, but soon would come to accept Thomas Jacobs as president. In the June elections for the presidency and chamber of representatives, party leader Carpentieri was selected as their presidential candidate, with Syndicalist Party leader Ezekiel Ensor as his running mate. Both would come second in the race, behind Thomas Jacobs of the Republican Bloc, whilst in the legislative elections, they came in second as well.

In the coming months, political polarisation was in full swing, with arguments between parties becoming the norm. In the midst of this, a secret deal between the ProDems and the National Party was made, with both parties merging to form the syncretic Democratic Action - The People’s Movement. Esty Carpentieri became co-leader, alongside close friend Tobey Wyles who was previously a part of the National Party.


Proletarian Democracy was founded on the beliefs of Democratic Socialism and left wing nationalism. The party supported a Roscamistan governed under a socialist and democratic system. It opposed coup attempts, and supported peace within the nation.