Tobey Wyles

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Tobey Wyles
Tobey Wyles in January 2023
Prime Minister of the Pinangese Republic
Assumed office
9 January 2023-26 April 2023
President of the Republic Rafaela Luiz

Luke Wellmore (acting)
Rafe Burfield

Predecessor Esty Carpentieri
Successor Ezio Auditore
President of Belcity
In office
25 September 2021 - 12 December 2021
Predecessor Lorenzo Marquez
Successor Lorenzo Marquez
3rd President of Pinang
Assumed office
10 July 2022-13 November 2022
Predecessor May Junkin
Successor Rafaela Luiz
In office
12 July 2021 - 7 November 2021
Predecessor Cotechino
Successor Esty Carpentieri
Deputy Prime Minister of Norton
Assumed office
5 June 2022
Predecessor Thomas Jacobs
Personal information
Born October 2004
Citizenship  Pinang
 Kingdom of Pontunia
 United Kingdom
Nationality  British
Ethnicity White English
Political party Pinang Moderate Party

State of Norton Centre Party

Atovia Conservative People's Party

Other political
Conservative Party (UK) (2021-2023)

Liberal Democrats (UK) (2023-present)

Occupation Student, Micronational politician and journalist
Religion Agnostic

Tobey Wyles (born 2004), is an Osttonian micronational politician and journalist. Currently, he serves as Speaker of the Parliament of Pinang. Wyles holds several roles within micronations, like Ostton, Pinang, Norton, and Belcity. He has been leader and the founder of National Union Party in Pinang since his formation and served as President of Pinang between July 2021 and November 2021, and then between July 2022 and November 2022. Wyles was also co-founder and leader of the Democratic Action in Roscamistan. He was the King of Sitiland, previous President of Sototen, former Prime Minister of Sototen, King and President and Prime Minister of the, now defunct, Arklandik Confederation. Tobey has lots of different micronations for different reasons, two of his micronations- Sitiland and Sototen are for family and family of his girlfriend, whereas Arkland is on MicroWiki and anyone can become a citizen and take up positions within the government. Tobey is also founder of the Estror Republic.

Political Views