Rafe Burfield

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His Excellency
The Baron Norton

Official Nortonian Portrait 2022
President of the State of Norton
Assumed office:
6 July 2021
Prime Minister Ben Sheldon
Terry McKeen
David Brooke
Matthew Tonna
Predecessor office established
Flag of Roscamistan.svg
Minister of State for Defence
Assumed office:
2 April 2022
President Jan Kotonski
Adam Flannery
Secretary Adam Flannery
Predecessor Luke O’Reilly (as Minister of State for Veteran Affairs)
Flag of Pinang.svg
Leader of the Opposition
Assumed office:
9 April 2022
Deputy Luke Wellmoore
Predecessor Erich Thaller
Ameristralian Flag.svg
Member of the Municipal Assembly with responsibility for Defence
Assumed office:
2 April 2022
Lord Mayor David Brooke
Predecessor Position established
Chairman of the Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations
In office:
9th August 2021 - 26th September 2021
Vice Chairman Marek Squirtzle
Predecessor Position established
Successor Position abolished
Flag of Roscamistan.svg
3rd Secretary of State for Local Government
Assumed office:
19 April 2022
President Adam Flannery
Predecessor Katherine Keadivich
Personal Information
Born 6 July 2005 (2005-07-06) (age 16)
Dorchester, United Kingdom
Nationality British-Australian
Political party National Conservatives (Norton)
Reform & Justice (Ameristralia)
National Party (Roscamistan)
National Union (Pinang)
Residence Government House (Official)
Monclair House (Country)
Alma mater King's School Bruton
Religion Christian
Military service
Nickname(s) Rafe
Allegiance  Roscamistan
Service/branch Roscamistan Navy
In service 2022 onwards
Rank Officer Cadet
Unit Connemara Rangers (Naval branch)

Sir Rafe Burfield MA, 1st Baron Norton (born 6 July 2005) is a Nortonian micronational politician and diplomat serving as President of the State of Norton and Leader of the National Conservative Party since July 2021. Since October 2021, Rafe has served as the Ambassador of The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia to the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Blazdonia. Likewise, since November 2021, Rafe has served as the Leader of the Reform & Justice Party in Ameristralia. He is also the Leader of the National Party of Roscamistan since 1 April 2022. He was Chairman of the Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations from August to September 2021. He has been described as adhering to the ideology of Thatcherism and National Conservatism.

Early Life

Rafe Burfield was born in Dorchester, Dorset on 6 July 2005. He is the eldest child of the Burfield's, who proceeded to have another son. He has lived in the villages of Seavington St Michael and Norton Sub Hamdon. Rafe Burfield has dual nationality, being a citizen of both the United Kingdom and Australia. Rafe attended Perrott Hill Preparatory School before joining King's School Bruton, where he was fortunate enough to meet Queen Elizabeth II.

Political Views

Burfield's Political Compass

Thatcherism and National Conservatism are two different types of conservatism, however Rafe's politics has been described as a "blend of the two". Rafe created the National Conservative Party when Norton was founded, and it is still the micronation's largest political party. Through tight control of the money supply, privatisation, and restrictions on the labour and union movement, the President tries to promote low inflation, a limited state (while removing regional and local council power) and free markets. The President is an outspoken opponent of communism, Marxism, and socialism, and has called for the Communist Party of Norton to be outlawed because of their far-left extremist ideas (he never banned them however). Rafe is a member of the Conservative Party (UK) and the Liberal Party (Australia) and is a passionate proponent of Brexit in Macronational politics.

Micronational Career

Development of the State of Norton

On 6 July 2021, the State of Norton was established. The nation's first home was on a 1-acre plot of land in the English county of Dorset. Two days after the declaration of independence was signed on 8 July 2021, the nation moved to its current location: a 4-acre plot of land at the bottom of Ham Hill National Park in the picturesque village of Norton Sub Hamdon (the previous site transitioned into the constituent province of Sarum). The first senate election was conducted soon after the state was formed, and the National Conservative Party swept to victory, capturing 8 of the 12 seats (6 seats must be obtained to form a majority government). A week later, the state's first presidential election was held with the National Conservative Party candidate, Rafe Burfield, receiving 10 out of the 12 senate votes.

President of the State of Norton

Arms of The Baron Norton in Ameristralia

The State of Norton is a multi-party democracy with a presidential republic. Every six years, the President is elected to serve as both the head of state and the head of government. According to the constitution, the President can be elected for two consecutive terms, but must thereafter leave office for at least one term (6 years) before running for re-election. Rafe Burfield of the National Conservative Party is the current President. The President is also the Chairman of the Executive and National Cabinets, as well as the Commander-in-Chief of the Nortonian Defence Force. The President's constitutional obligation is to nominate and remove a Prime Minister who would serve as the country's deputy head of state and government.

Chairman of the Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations

The State of Norton alongside the Empire of Muskratia founded the Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations (AUDIMN) on 9 August 2021 to promote key values and ideals amongst the micronational community. President Burfield was selected as the Chairman of the alliance, while Emperor Marek Squirtzle was selected as the Deputy Chairman. Due to inactivity and unprofessionalism amongst member states, the alliance was disbanded on 26 September 2021 - with President Burfield serving as its first, last and only Chairman.


National Honours (in order of seniority)



Honour Date Post-nominal
OGE (SP).svg

Order of the Golden Eagle Badge (Norton).svg

Supreme Prelate of the Order of the Golden Eagle 6 July 2021 OGE
Noble Badge of the Presidency - Norton.png Noble Badge of the Presidency 6 July 2021 N/A
Pres. Legion of Norton (First Class).svg Presidential Legion of Norton (First Class) 6 July 2021 FcPLN
State Medal of Freedom - Norton.png State Medal of Freedom 17th September 2021 N/A
Parliamentary Medal of Public Service - First Class.png Parliamentary Medal of Public Service (First Class) 1 January 2022 FcPMPs

Foreign Honours

Ribbon Country Honour Date Post-nominal
MFEH Ribbon.png Namwuan Empire Recipient of the Merit for Emperor's Honour 6th August 2021 N/A
Order of the Emu (Commander).svg Ameristralia Commander of the Order of the Emu 31st August 2021 OEM
SECmP.svg Ameristralia Companion of the Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle 16th October 2021 CmP
Order of the Noble Eagle - Commander ribbon.svg Ameristralia Right Honourable Commander of the Most Honourable and Venerable Order of the Noble Eagle 12th December 2021 RHC
No ribbon.png Roscamistan Knight of the Order of the Count of Purple December 2021 OCP
Order of the Golden Sun - Grand Cross First Class.svg Melite Grand Cross of the Order of the Golden Sun (First Class) 1 January 2022 GCGS
Order of the Defence Forces.png Roscamistan Order of the Defence Forces 16 April 2022 ODF