President of the Chamber of Representatives (Roscamistan)

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President of the Chamber of Representatives
Logo of the Chamber of Representatives
Aleksy Gwaj

since 12 February 2023
Chamber of Representatives
StyleMr President (whilst in the chamber)
The Honourable (as a representative)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
StatusPresiding officer
Member ofChamber of Representatives
Council of State
NominatorSelf or by party approval
AppointerElection by the Chamber of Representatives in the first session of the new term
Term length3 months (renewable)
Inaugural holderRafe Burfield
DeputyDeputy President of the Chamber

The President of the Chamber of Representatives, known for short as the President of the Chamber or Chamber President, is the speaker of the Chamber of Representatives and the de facto head of the legislative branch of the Government. The President is elected by the representatives at the beginning of every term of the Chamber, which is three months, unless the President of the Republic dissolves the chamber early. The presidency of the Chamber has been held by Roy Jackson in an acting capacity since 5 February 2023.


The history of the President of the Chamber comes from the Speaker of the Reichstag Lower House, the presiding officer of the Lower House. The only speaker was Samuel Newman, who served from 28 November 2022 until 2 February 2022, when the entire Reichstag and its houses were abolished.

The Chamber of Representatives was constituted as the lower house of the National Assembly, and the position of the President of the Chamber was created. The position would only be filled on 21 April 2022, after the 1st chamber election and the first election of the Chamber President.


The President of the Chamber’s responsibilities are to preside over the Chamber and to keep decorum and standards.

The President of the Chamber also is the third-in-line to the Presidency of the Republic, behind the Vice President of Roscamistan, and the President of the Senate. The President is the only legislative officer in line to the Presidency of the Republic.


The Chamber President is elected by simple majority of the representatives at the beginning of a chamber session. After their election, the Chamber President sacrifices their right to speak in favour of granting people the right to speak in the chamber, and cannot propose legislation. The Chamber President may resign his charge by submitting his resignation to the Dean of the Chamber. In the case of resignation, the Deputy President succeeds. In the case of no Deputy President, the Dean of the Chamber presides over the election of the new Chamber President.


Name Portrait Term of office Political party

(color denotes faction)

1 Rafe Burfield 21 April 2022 1 August 2022 102 days National Party Esty Carpentieri
Matthew Tonna
2 Matthew Tonna 1 August 2022 4 December 2022 125 days Republican Bloc None
3 Esty Carpentieri 4 December 2022 16 January 2023 43 days Democratic Action - The People’s Movement Roy Jackson
* Roy Jackson (acting) 5 February 2023 Incumbent 231 days Alliance for Freedom None