Pars Tolerantia!

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Pars Tolerantia!
ChairmanJoseph I
Deputy ChairmanJoseph Trick
Founded7 September 2021
NewspaperThe Meritian Express
Youth wingSociety's Future
Paramilitary wingParstoll Guard
International wingTolerantia Internationale
Membership (2023)5 (1 in Tolerantia Internationale)
Social Authoritarianism
Political positionSyncretic
National affiliationRoscami Democratic Patriotic Front[a]
International affiliationParstoll International Convention
Colors  Red
Slogan"For the future of Society we fight"
Emperor of Meritia
1 / 1
Minister of Meritia
1 / 1
Deputy Minister of Meritia
1 / 1
Prime Minister of Scynja
1 / 1
National Congress
1 / 12
Party flag

Pars Tolerantia!, more commonly Pars Tolerantia, is a highly influential political party in the Empire of Meritia. The party was founded on the same date of the establishment of the Empire by Emperor Joseph I and has since dominated the highest positions within the Meritian government, that of the Emperor (Head of State)[b] and Minister (Head of Government). Joseph I has characterized the party as a "new" form of political thought, with many key ideas of the party including newly established ideologies, such as Parstollism, the official ideology of Pars Tolerantia, and Social Authoritarianism, an alternative form of Authoritarianism outlined in the short manifesto The Need For Social Authoritarianism, written on 22 September 2022, by Joseph.

The party is governed by the Chairman, who is appointed to serve for life in the position. The Deputy Chairman, the second highest position of power in the party government, also holds significant power over party operations. They are appointed by the current Chairman, and serve until their death, or until terminated from office. Currently there are 5 total members of the Parstoll affiliation, 4 of which are direct members of the party, and 1 of which is serving under the National Congress of the Roscami Federation in Tolerantia Internationale.


Pre-Establishment (2019-2021)

The origins of Parstoll ideology are heavily speculated, however the party regards the 2019 October Revelation (Not to be confused with the Communist October Revolution) as the event which sparked Joseph I’s interest in many of the ideas.

Originally far more conservative on economic grounds, even associating with Libertarians at one point, Joseph I did not develop many of the modern ideas of the party until later on during its early creation in 2021. The modern name for the party was first coined in mid-2021 and was Latin for "The Party of Tolerance" or "The Tolerance Party".

During the early era of Joseph's belief in Parstolism, he attempted many times to spread the ideas to other individuals, primarily online affiliations, and was successful in doing so twice, however since both prior members of the movement have gone inactive and have been in more modern times denounced by Joseph as being too "childish" for the movement, due to their younger ages. Over time, Joseph I has become far less radical on the original topics of the movement, and today they have been largely replaced by new ideas or made defunct and no longer discussed by the party.

Early Establishment (Late 2021)

When the Empire of Meritia was formed on September 7, 2021, as the successor state to the defunct Principality of Northio, Joseph I would also create Pars Tolerantia!, which was the first political party in the nation and the one which he associated with, assuming the role of party chairman. The movement remained a one-man ideology until December of the same year, during which time Joseph I would discuss the ideas of the party with close ally Joseph Trick, leader of Scynja, who came to an agreement with Joseph on these policies, and soon after officially became the Deputy Chairman of Pars Tolerantia, appointed by Joseph.

This acquisition of a second member officially revived the ideology for the first time in months, and from there into the new year of 2022 it would only continue to expand, additionally becoming a topic of controversy in some communities due to its more radical pro-statist views and advocation for a new form of government in which an individual of absolute power was elected to serve the people, known by the party as a "Controlled Dictatorship", or "Lawful Dictatorship", where the leader is elected to serve the people rather than put into power by any form of violent revolution, or overthrowing a state's government in a corrupt coup.

Pars Tolerantia! is also against the use of absolute power to benefit oneself, calling for the immediate removal of such a leader if their absolute powers are used for anything other than the benefit of the people and organization of an orderly society.

Modern History (2022-Onwards)

Into the 2022 year, the party was growing, with it now controlling both the seat of the Head of State, and the seat of the Head of Government, with Joseph Trick serving as Minister of Meritia now under Pars Tolerantia, having been prior elected on December 12, 2021, in the First Meritian Minister Election.

The party soon set up its chain of command and official system of administration, also forming Tolerantia Internationale as the international wing of the party. With this growth saw the progression of the party into regional micronational politics, however many until more recently denounced the party for their entirely unique views. In early 2022 during the formation of the Scynn Consulate to replace the inactive Parliament, one appointed member of the Consulate registered under Tolerantia Internationale, the first to join the wing since its creation earlier on.

In summer of 2022, Joseph Trick would again win the Minister Election, gaining a second term for Pars Tolerantia. The party would gain a fourth member in December 2022, when the newly elected Deputy Minister under Joseph Trick's third term registered to join the party after being consulted by Joseph. The party would soon after lose it’s only seat in the Scynn Consulate, as the individual associated with it would leave Tolerantia Internationale in favor of the larger National Front, an event which marked heavy controversy from administrators of Pars Tolerantia!, who denounced such a decision.

Into 2023, the party would regain this lost prominence when they would win three seats in the Roscami Chamber of Representatives, one of which also hosts the current President of the Chamber. Joseph I would additionally be appointed Deputy President of the Senate, and while not directly in Tolerantia Internationale in Roscamistan, he would remain heavily associated with it as Chairman of the party. With this swift rebound the party stands today five members large, and continues to expand in prominence across various micronations as its membership increases.


  1. The Roscami branch of Tolerantia International is a member of the Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front.
  2. Whilst most monarchs of a sovereign state do not associate with a political party, Joseph I due to his status as political leader of Meritia does not follow this standard.