Chamber of Representatives (Roscamistan)

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Chamber of Representatives of Roscamistan

Dáil Roscaoinistan (Irish)
5th Chamber of Representatives
Coat of arms or logo
Preceded byReichstag Lower House
New session started
11 February 2023
Deputy President of the Chamber
Political groups
  United Front: 7 seats
  Tolerantia Internationale: 3 seats
  Independent: 4 seats
  National Salazarist Front: 1 seat
  Christian Solidarity: 1 seat
Closed party list proportional representation
Last election
3 December 2022
Next election
3 March 2023
Meeting place
Galway City (de jure)
Discord, Greater Roscam, or Snapchat (de facto)

The Chamber of Representatives, officially the Chamber of Representatives of Roscamistan or simply the Chamber, is the lower house of the National Assembly of Roscamistan, the other house being the Senate (not the same as the Senat, the predecessor body to the Senate). The Chamber’s members are representatives. The Chamber is the more powerful of the two in the bicameral National Assembly. The Chamber also can also start impeachment proceedings against any member of government, and if the impeachment is successful, then the impeachment trials happen in the Senate.


The Chamber of Representatives was created on 2 February 2022, when the Unterhaus was abolished by executive order 42. The rest of the Reichstag, including the Senat was also abolished with it. The Chamber was created to be the new lower house for a bicameral legislature.

Election system and composition

Election system

The Chamber is elected by closed party list proportional representation, in which people vote for lists of candidates (nearly always made and agreed upon by parties). If a party were to gain a total of 27% of the vote, it would send 27% of the people on the list. There is a legal threshold of 5% needed to send representatives to the chamber.


The chamber is composed of 16 representatives. The chamber is composed of two caucuses, the Majority and the Minority. Both sides are led by a leader, with those leaders appointing a whip to keep members in line with what the caucus votes with. The President of the Chamber acts as the presiding officer and speaker of the Chamber. There is also a Deputy President of the Chamber who acts on behalf of the President when needed. The Dean of the Chamber acts as an administrative head of the Chamber, keeping track of bills, debates and votes. [1]

Current members

Name Party Province Assumed seat
Martin Malenkov United Front  Connemara 11 February 2023
Ivan Vichev Independent  Galway City 4 December 2022
Alex Iwasaki United Front  Greater Roscam 4 December 2022
Džözyp Trick Tolerantia Internationale  Audoù-an-Arvor 17 July 2022
Andrew Perdomo Christian Solidarity  Aran Islands 27 June 2022
Eryk Pilarski Independent  Galway City 11 February 2023
Johnathan Corbiere Independent  Galway City 4 December 2022
Culann Burke United Front  Greater Roscam 4 December 2022
Byron Glynn United Front  Greater Roscam 11 February 2023
Aoife Mullins United Front  Connemara 11 February 2023
Vacant N/A N/A 16 January 2023
Antonio V. National Salazarist Front  Galway City 11 February 2023
Aleksy Gwaj Tolerantia Internationale  Galway City 11 February 2023
Cafa Flogger Independent  Aran Islands 4 December 2022
Thomas Jacobs United Front  Greater Roscam 18 April 2022
Roy Jackson Alliance for Freedom[a]  Greater Roscam 19 April 2022


  1. Appointed to United Front seat 7