National Catholic League

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National Catholic League
Paramount LeaderThomas Jacobs
Founded17 January 2023
Preceded byRepublican Bloc[a]
Headquarters Greater Roscam
NewspaperGalwegian News Network
Youth wingYoung Roscami Movement
Membership (2023)10
IdeologyNational Radicalism [1]
Political positionSocial
Left wing
ReligionRoman Catholicism
National affiliationRoscami Democratic Patriot Front
International affiliationInternational Christian Forum
SloganHail Victory
National Congress
7 / 12
Provincial Governments
2 / 4
Election symbol
Party flag

The National Catholic League is a national radicalist party in the Roscami Federation, and currently the ruling party in the Nation. The National Catholic League was founded as the United Front after the 2023 Roscami coup d’etat ended with a Jacobs victory. The party is a member of the Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front together with the Alliance for Freedom, the National Salazarist Front and other parties within the Front. It is an member party of the International Christian Forum.

The National Catholic League formerly claimed to be the successor to the Republican Bloc, however recently has denounced it as an evil capitalistic remnant of the democratic age.


Propaganda made the party after its formation.

The National Catholic League was founded on the 17th of January 2023, after the second coup done by Ali Farrokhzad against the left wing. After Thomas Jacobs was made President by Farrokhzad, he founded the United Front to reorganise the members of the former Republican Bloc into a new political force.

In July 2023, the United Front was renamed the National Catholic League, and changed ideology to a more radical party.

In September 2023, Jacobs retitled himself Paramount Leader of the League, in reference to the former de facto position. The party adopted National Radicalism in October 2023.


The National Catholic League formerly viewed itself as the rightful successor to Republican Bloc, the United Party, and the Freedom Party. The party is fascist, being extremely pro-Catholic in its social Outlook and supporting a Workers rights based fascist economy.

The party has also stated its hatred of Democracy, Liberalism, Marxism, Feminism and Individualism, and with help from the National Blueshirt Militia, regularly silences opponents.


The National Catholic League bases its economic belief in Fascism with elements of Christian socialism and workers rights. The party is pro-trade union too, supporting the National Roscami Workers League.


The National Catholic League advocates for a traditional society influenced under Catholic social teaching. The party views homosexuality, smoking, recreational drugs, transgender ideology, and communism to be anti-Roscami, and degenerate.

Celtic Supremacism

Celtic Supremacism is an extremist form of Celtic nationalism, which is a faction of the National Catholic League. Celtic Supremacism is similar to other ethnic supremacist movements, advocating that Celtic people are superior to other ethnicities.

Support for the party

The party is supported by the establishment of Roscamistan, due to Leader Thomas Jacobs serving as President of Roscamistan. Greater Roscam serves as the headquarters of the League, and draws most of its members and votes from there.

Youth organisation

The party currently runs the Young Roscami Movement, an organisation for those under 14 in the party. Formerly it was an affiliate of the Republican Bloc.

Organised labour

The majority of National Roscami Workers League members are affiliated with the National Catholic League.

Party manifesto

A Call to Arms, short for The Manifesto of the National Catholic League- A Call to Arms is a short online booklet published by Thomas Jacobs, that is the manifesto of the party. A Call to Arms covered multiple topics, and the views of the National Catholic League on said topics prior to July 2023.

Work for the manifesto began on 6 February 2023, though the basis for it was in late January 2023 after the 2023 Roscami coup d’etat.[2]


  1. Majority of members