December 2022 Roscamistan Chamber of Representatives election

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December 2022 Chamber of Representatives election

16 seats
9 seats needed for a majority
Turnout12 votes
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Thomas Jacobs Esty Carpentieri and Tobey Wyles Ludwig Collins
Party Republican Bloc Democratic Action - The People’s Movement Roscamistan Republican Socialist Party
Leader since 1 December 2021 2 November 2022 20 October 2022
Last election 3 September 2022 New party New party
Seats before 4 3 1
Seats won 9 3 2
Seat change 5 1
Popular vote 6 2 2
Percentage 50% 16.7% 16.7%
Caucus Majority Minority Majority

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Andrew Perdomo N/A Jan Christiaan
Party Christian Solidarity Independent National Liberal Party
Leader since 10 April 2022 N/A 5 November 2022
Last election 3 September 2022 N/A new party
Seats before 3 2 2
Seats won 1 0 0
Seat change 2 2 2
Popular vote 1 0% 0
Percentage 8.3% 0% 0
Caucus Majority Majority/Minority Majority

  Seventh party Eighth party
Leader Horia Zelea Nyck Bradaten
Party Iron Guard of Roscamistan Sheetfuckery Party
Leader since 21 May 2022 10 July 2022
Last election 3 September 2022 did not contest
Seats before 1 0
Seats won 0 1
Seat change 1 1
Popular vote 0 1
Percentage 0% 8.3%
Caucus Majority N/A

Election results

Majority Leader before election

Horia Zelea
Iron Guard of Roscamistan

Elected Majority Leader

Džözyp Trick
Republican Bloc

The December 2022 Roscamistan Chamber of Representatives election was the fourth election to the Chamber of Representatives and the final national election of 2022. The election began and ended on 3 December 2022, and elected the 4th convocation of the Chamber of Representatives. The major parties in the election were be the Republican Bloc, the newly formed Democratic Action, and the Roscamistan Republican Socialist Party.

The Chamber of Representatives is the lower house of the National Assembly of Roscamistan, elected by proportional representation every three months. Though no statute mandates when the Chamber is elected, it is generally accepted as one term being three months. The Chamber is generally dissolved for election around two to three weeks before 3 months has passed from the previous election.

The major issues of this election were be the Constituent Assembly, the debate on Secular versus Catholic State, and the economy of Roscamistan.


The original election cycle for the Chamber was to be on 18 April, 18 July, 18 October and 18 January. However, after the early election called by President Thomas Jacobs, the cycle changed to 3 June, 3 September, 3 December, and 3 March. As such, the 4th chamber election was set for 3 December 2022.


The composition of the Chamber after the 3rd Chamber election
  Republican Bloc: 5 seats
  Christian Solidarity: 3 seats
  Democratic Alliance : 2 seats
  National Party: 1 seat
  Iron Guard: 1 seat
  Proletarian Democracy: 4 seats
The 3rd chamber before the election
  RN: 4 seats
  IGR: 1 seat
  RRSP: 1 seat
  CS: 3 seats
  IND: 1 seat
  NLP: 2 seats
  DA - TPM: 3 seats
  IND: 1 seat

The Chamber of Representatives is composed of 16 seats, elected by proportional representation. Once a seat is won by a party, it is held by that party until the next election. If a seat becomes vacant, the party which controls said seat forwards a replacement representative. Seats are controlled even if they are vacant and not currently being occupied. The representatives gather themselves into two parliamentary group, the Majority and Minority Caucuses. Each caucus elect a leader and a whip, who each lead their respective caucuses. The presiding officer, the President of the Chamber is elected by all representatives in a cross-floor election.


Republican Bloc

The Republican Bloc had begun its campaign and had a pro-capitalist, Catholic state approach to the current political climate. It won the election with 50% of the vote, and gaining five seats, up to 9 seats from 4 pre-election.

Democratic Action - The People’s Movement

Democratic Action did not release a list, and was vocal in the Secular versus Catholic State debate, and in favour of the ongoing Constituent Assembly and its work.

Iron Guard

The Iron Guard was expected to forward its two members for the chamber election. After Horia Zelea’s departure from the nation, it failed to keep its only seat.

Roscamistan Republican Socialist Party

The Roscamistan Republican Socialist Party (RRSP) was the new rising secondary opposition party to the Republican Bloc. The is expected to be in support of the Catholic State and a pro-socialist stance.

Christian Solidarity

Christian Solidarity was not expected to campaign on any of the major issues of the election. It lost two of its three seats and kept one.

National Liberal Party

The NLP was expected to support the Republican Bloc. It lost all of its seats.