Christian Solidarity (Roscamistan)

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Christian Solidarity
LeaderAndrew Perdomo
Founded10 April 2022 (first)
21 January 2023 (second)
Dissolved16 January 2023 (first)
23 April 2023 (second)
Headquarters Aran Islands
Membership (2023)3
IdeologyProtectionist Capitalism, Christian Conservatism
Political positionCenter Economically, Right Socially
0 / 9
Chamber of Representatives
1 / 16

Christian Solidarity was a minor party in Roscamistan founded on 10 April 2022 by Andrew Perdomo. The party followed right wing social policy and an economically centrist policy.

The party was dissolved in January 2023 in the midst of the Patriotic Revolution, but would reconstitute itself soon after. It would be dissolved again in April 2023 by order of the Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front.