Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front

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Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front
Tírghráthóir Éadan Roscaoin (Irish)
ChairmanThomas Jacobs
Executive Committee
Founded14 January 2023
6 March 2023 (remade)
Dissolved16 January 2022 (first time)
Preceded byPatriot Coalition
Headquarters Galway City
Trade UnionNational Roscami Workers League
Colors  Purple   White   Green
Roscami National Colours
President of Roscamistan[b]
1 / 1
Provincial Government
4 / 4
National Congress
12 / 12
Party flag

The Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front (RDPF) also known as the Roscami Patriotic Front (RPF) (Irish: Tírghráthóir Éadan Roscaoin (TER)), is a political and mass popular front in the Roscami Federation. The Front is the only polity permitted through Article 10 of the Supreme Constitution of Roscamistan to field candidates for presidential, legislative and gubernatorial elections in Roscamistan.

The idea for the Front was created after Matthew Tonna was inspired by the National Front of East Germany, and from Jacobs’ Popular Front of Unity.


First Front

The RDPF was unofficially founded sometime in January 2023, after Matthew Tonna began to plot a scheme against the political left. Soon, Thomas Jacobs and other members of the right-alliance Patriot Coalition. The name Roscami Patriot Front was named, and Jacobs had been selected as its nominal leader. Multiple parties including the Republican Bloc and Sheetfuckery joined, allowing them a place in the plan for Roscamistan.

January referendum and coup

On the 14th of January, the front formed officially. The day later, the January constitutional referendum was held. The referendum was held on the proposed liberal constitution, which would have reduced the power of the executive drastically and have a near sovereign legislature. This was opposed by the Catholic right for its liberalism.

The referendum results would be released early in the morning on the 16th of January. This would however, result in the Front starting the 2023 Roscami coup d’etat. Matthew Tonna would announce the dissolution of the National Assembly, removal of the left and dissolution of all parties in the state except RDPF ones. The Front also took the new name of the Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front, now announcing that it was in control. However, backlash from the leftwing opposition resulted in the failure of the 16th January coup. Both the Patriot Coalition and the Front dissolved.

On the 17th of January Ali Farrokhzad, the acting President put in charge by Jacobs, conspired with the latter to remove the liberal constitution and the leftwing opposition. By doing this, the nation no longer had a strong opposition. This also resulted in the end of the first front. Jacobs agreed that the RDPF was not yet ready for the state.

Second front

Initially the idea of the RDPF was rejected by President Jacobs, who didn't want a repeat of the events of January 2023. Eventually convinced by his allies, Jacobs included the reintroduction of the RDPF through the then-draft Supreme Constitution. After it came into force, the RDPF was reborn, with Jacobs as Chairman of the Executive Committee, with the United Front as the lead party.

At the start non-RDPF political parties remained in existence, however with the knowledge they had to join the RDPF or face dissolution. On the 23rd of April 2023, all non-RDPF parties dissolved, including the Workers Party. In the coming months, other parties such as the Serious Action Party, the Libertarian Party and others were added to the RDPF. The United Front also renamed itself the National Catholic League.

Structure and role

The RDPF functions as the popular political front of the Roscami Federation. All political parties are legally required to join the Front, failure to do so will result in deregistration. Cultural groups may also ask to join the Front. Its labour wing, the National Roscami Workers League, functions as the official body for workers in the federation.

Each party leader (or a designated representative) serves on the Executive Committee of the Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front. The party leaders elect a Chairman every six months to chair the Committee. The Chairman is simultaneously President of Roscamistan. In the Constitution it is stated that no party may be above another party. In reality, the National Catholic League is the leading party.

Member parties

The RDPF is composed of multiple parties, each with varying ideologies and beliefs.



Emblem Ideology Leader Province Foundation Seats in the National Congress Provincial Governors
National Catholic League


National Radicalism
17 January 2023
7 / 12
2 / 4
Tolerantia Internationale


Social Authoritarianism
7 September 2021
(excluding TI)
1 / 12
0 / 4
National Salazarist Front


Antonio V.
16 January 2023
2 / 12
1 / 4
Alliance for Freedom


16 January 2023
0 / 12
0 / 4
Christian Democratic Centrist Coalition of Roscamistan


Simeon Nikolov
21 January 2023
0 / 12
0 / 4
Serious Action Party
20 June 2023
1 / 12
1 / 4
Libertarian Party
Social Liberalism
21 July 2023
0 / 12
0 / 4
18 February 2021
2 / 12
0 / 4
Democratic Bloc
Social democracy, Reformism, Liberal democracy, anti-corruption, anti-Zionism, anti-fascism, multiracialism
26 January 2023
0 / 12
0 / 4

Party symbolism



  1. By virtue of founding the Front
  2. Thomas Jacobs (NCL)
  3. Formerly United Front (UF)
  4. Though Joseph Montgomery serves by in large as Chairman of Pars Tolerantia (and Tolerantia Internationale) he is not a member of the Roscami branch of Tolerantia Internationale, instead a part of the National Catholic League.
  5. Also the coat of arms of Roscamistan