2023 Roscami coup d’etat

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2023 Roscami coup d’etat[a]
Part of 2023 Roscami civil war
Political polarisation in Roscamistan

The announcement of the coup, announcing the dissolution of Parliament.
Date16 - 18 January 2023
First coup
Roscamistan@Discord, Greater Roscam, Galway City
Second coup
Roscamistan@Discord, Greater Roscam, Mervustan

First coup:

Second coup:


Roscami Democratic Patriot Front
Castillomale Republic
Connemara Republic (until 18 January)

Diplomatic support:

Constituent Assembly and Pro-Constitutionalists

Diplomatic support:
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Commanders and leaders
President Thomas Jacobs
Minister Matthew Tonna
First Secretary Connor Barrows
Governor Conor Newman
Ali Farrokhzad (after 17 January)
Chamber President Esty Carpentieri
Senator Tobey Wyles
Senator Devin Purcell
Ali Farrokhzad (until 17 January)
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The 2023 Roscami coup d’etat was a political crisis which happened from the 16th to the 18th of January 2023, in which the government-backed group called the Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front induced a self coup to prevent the passing of a new liberal constitution.

The crisis saw an unprecedented wave of protests against the Roscami government, and calls for the restoration of democracy. Initially the RDPF government collapsed under the pressure, and a provisional liberal administration held power for a day, after which it was replaced by the previous government. The crisis saw Roscamistan change forever, abandoning democracy, liberalism, and civil liberties in favour of an authoritarian Catholic state.


In the months and weeks preceding the coup, political polarisation within Roscamistan had reached its peak, with multiple politicians broke from the Republican Bloc alliance, which controlled the majority of the government. In those months, the Constituent Assembly created by an Act of the National Assembly, was forming a new constitution since the abolition of the one made by former president Doros Patusky. The proposed document was attacked by the Republican Bloc, who claimed that under the new document, the President would be a "puppet to the legislature", among other concerns.

After receiving over seventy percent of the vote in support of the proposed constitution, Thomas Jacobs and Matthew Tonna, who had conspired with others to disrupt the democratic process and block the installation of the document, began their coup.


16th of January

During the morning of 16 January 2023, exactly a day after the referendum polls opened, the Patriot Front launched a coup with Matthew Tonna announcing the "overthrow of parliamentary Roscamistan" and also banning all parties outside of the Patriot Front. This was met with confusion and anger by Roscami citizens, many of whom banned from the official discord server by administrators loyal to the Front. In the afternoon of that, multiple micronations and people condemned the coup, calling for the restoration of democracy. Excelsior also broke relations with Roscamistan due to the issues. In Georgienstine, calls for Jacobs and Tonna to be impeached from their offices were issued as well.

In the evening of the 16th, Jacobs informed his allies of the temporary plan to leave the state for a Roscami Government in Exile. After some negotiation, former Vice President Ali Farrokhzad was placed as Acting President, without formally holding the office. This leave from the nation by Jacobs was criticised by his allies as abandoning his nation. A new left wing constitutional government was announced. The Jacobs-led Government in Exile was established that day too.

17th of January

A meme created by the National Catholic League celebrating his victory on the 17th of January, saying "When your coup fails and the next day you do the greatest comeback in history", poking fun at both Pedro Castillo and the Roscami left wing.

On the 17th of January 2023, after seeing what he saw as witch hunting and general distaste in the left wing, acting President Ali Farrokhzad conspired with the Government-in-Exile to commit a second coup, aimed at returning Jacobs to his position. Titled the "RETVRN", Jacobs and his supporters returned in droves, Farrokhzad removed the Cabinet, then resigned, and in his last act, concede the office to Thomas Jacobs. As soon as the coup happened, outrage from other micronations happened, though not give any attention by Jacobs.

Soon after the January referendum was declare null and void, with the Third Constitution suspended indefinitely. The Government in Exile voted itself out of existence, and the Connemara Republic reintegrated into Roscamistan.


First coup

The coup had caused a massive amount of instability and protests. The majority of Republican Bloc were in favour of the coup, with senators Joseph Montgomery and Samuel Newman delighted by the news. Multiple micronations had expressed distaste for the nation and President Jacobs, with threats also launched against the Roscami president and other participants in the coup. The first coup’s failure resulted in President Jacobs granting the powers but not the office of President to Ali Farrokhzad, and semi-retiring from micronationalism.

Hours after the coup ended, the Province of Connemara seceded from Roscamistan, forming the Connemara Republic and joined the People's Republic of South Galway in fighting against Roscamistan in the Roscami Civil War. The Kingdom of Fontasia immediately backed the young republic and denounced its support for the new Roscami government.

Second coup

As a result of the second coup, the January 2023 Roscami constitutional referendum was completely nullified, and the Jacobs government restored. The Connemara Republic dissolved and reintegrated into Roscamistan. Most of the former opposition was removed from politics, excluding the Collins-led Roscamistan Republican Socialist Party. With the foundation of the United Front, a new age began.


The coup altered Roscamistan in a way never seen before. The state was purged completely of political opposition, free parties, liberal rights including freedom of speech, and a shift to radical political movements. Roscamistan became an authoritarian nation, with limited democracy.

February speech

On the 2nd of February 2023, on the eve of President Thomas Jacobs' 15th birthday, he released a speech from the presidential office. In it he discussed the coup, and called out the leaders of the opposition pre-16 January, blaming them for the issues Roscamistan faced. By the end he unveiled plans to prevent the events of January 2023 again.

Mervustan Trials

President Jacobs initiated arrest warrants on numerous individuals who opposed the patriotic revolution, starting the Mervustan Trials on 6 January 2024.

On the 16th of January 2024, Jacobs celebrated the first anniversary of the coup, announcing a new ‘Hero of the Revolution’ award for those who assisted in it.

International reactions

First Coup

Condemnations against the coup leaders

Condemnations against Democratic Action and allies

Declared neutrality


  1. The Roscami government describes the event as the Great January Revolution. The National Catholic League calls it the Patriotic Revolution.