Greater Roscam

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Province of Greater Roscam
Cuige Ros-caoin Mór  (Irish)
  Metropolitan province of Roscamistan  
Roscam Tower, Roscam peninsula


Motto: “Where the Republic began”
Sovereign State  Roscamistan
Type Autonomous province under a parliamentary democracy
Founder Andrew Brotherton
 - Governor Andrew Brotherton
 - Prime Minister Andrew Brotherton
 - Deputy Prime Minister Culann Burke
 - Total 79 km2 (30.5 sq mi)
Population (2022)
 - Total 19
Time zone GMT

The Province of Greater Roscam is the second oldest and the second most important province of Roscamistan. It is bordered by Lochrey in the east, Mervustan to the west and Irish Cape in the north.


The Province of Greater Roscam first began life as the Region of Roscam, alongside the Regions of Dougiska and Oranmore, and it was only in May 2021, before the 17thMayCoup, that the three regions merge together as the Province of Greater Roscam, and has remained that size since.

On 25 November 2021, the province was given devolution, with the position of Prime Minister of Greater Roscam being created. Andrew Brotherton became the first Prime Minister, and Culann Burke became the Deputy Prime Minister of Greater Roscam.

Government and politics


Like other autonomous provinces within Roscamistan, the province is run in a parliamentary system, with a national government appointed Governor as the provincial head of state and administrator of the province. The head of government and de facto chief executive is the Prime Minister, who serves also as the de facto head of the Executive Council, the executive branch. The Prime Minister is assisted in his duties by the Deputy Prime Minister. The legislative branch of the government is the Legislative Assembly, whose members are elected on open party lists. Members of the assembly are titled Senator, and are not banned from serving as representatives or senators nationally. The judicial branch is the superior court of Greater Roscam, with the Superior Justice as its head.


The politics of the province have been dominated by the party in power nationally since the province was founded, the current party in power being the Republican Bloc, which also has its headquarters in Greater Roscam and is considered the heart of the Republican Bloc and is also in control of the executive branch.


The province is made up of mainly Irish, Polish and South Africans, among other peoples.

Notable features

The Province is home to the City-Region of Roscam, which is the capital of the province and the de facto capital of Roscamistan. It is home to the Roscam tower, a pre-reformation ruin that is a heritage site, the Region of Dougiska, the former residence of the former Minister of Agriculture, Tadhg O’Regan, who now lives in the Province of Connemara, Oranmore Castle, legend has it, that it was to have been constructed by the Burkes, St Patrick’s and Andrew Brotherton road, on which the homes of the President and the First Secretary of State are located near, also notable features is the Briarhill-Dougiska border, which begins at the Clayton Hotel for the Dougiska side, and the end for the Briarhill Side.