Legislative Assembly (Greater Roscam)

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Legislative Assembly of Greater Roscam

Tionól Reachtais na Ros-Cam Mor (Irish)
1st Legislative Assembly
Coat of arms of Greater Roscam
Term limits
Founded25 November 2021
Preceded byN/A
Acting Speaker
Thomas Jacobs, National Catholic League
since 25 November 2021
Length of term
3 months
”We shall fight tooth and nail for our home”

The Legislative Assembly of Greater Roscam is the unicameral legislature of the Province of Greater Roscam. The Legislative Assembly is co-equal and separate from the executive branch, and keeps said branch in check. The Legislative Assembly is elected every three months by single transferable vote.

Powers and responsibilities

As the Legislative Assembly derives its power from the Provincial Government Act and the Constitution of Roscamistan, as such has the power to legislate for matters that are not in exclusive control of the Government of Roscamistan, those being national defence, national security and foreign affairs. The Legislative Assembly creates bills and passes them, who are then signed or vetoed by the Governor.

Relation with the executive

The Legislative Assembly works with the Governor in order to pass legislation. The Governor will take advice from the Legislative Assembly when it comes to appointing Provincial Secretaries and members of the Superior Court. Acts vetoed by the Governor can be counter-vetoed and forced to be passed.