Government of Roscamistan

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Government of Roscamistan

Rialtas Roscamistan  (Irish)
Government of Roscamistan logo.jpeg
Logo of the Government
Polity typeSemi-unitary Catholic Dominant-party presidential republic
ConstitutionSecond Constitution of Roscamistan
FormationFebruary 18, 2021; 16 months ago (2021-02-18)
Legislative branch
NameNational Assembly of Roscamistan
Meeting placeGalway City
Upper house
Presiding officerSean Dunkerque, President of the Senate
(held ex officio by the Vice President)
AppointerPresident of Roscamistan based on individual merit
Lower house
NameChamber of Representatives
Presiding officerRafe Burfield, President of the Chamber of Representatives
AppointerOpen party list proportional representation
Executive branch
Head of State and Government
CurrentlyAndrew Brotherton
AppointerDirect election
NameCabinet of Roscamistan
Current cabinetThird Brotherton Cabinet
AppointerPresident (on the advice of the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives)
HeadquartersGalway City
MinistriesCabinet Office
Foreign Office
Home Office
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Transportation
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment
Judicial branch
CourtsLower courts of the State
Supreme Court of Roscamistan
Chief judgeAndrew Brotherton

The Government of Roscamistan, also known as the Central Government , refers to the three powers, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial of Roscamistan. It was founded on 18 February 2021 after Roscamistan was founded.


The Government of Roscamistan was founded on 18 February 2021, after Andrew Brotherton declared the independence of the state. The President was designated the chief executive that day, with the other branches formally established in the months and year after the declaration.

Composition of government

The Government is composed of three branches, legally separate, and equal in power. The executive, legislative and judicial branches make up the Government respectively.


The executive branch of government is the Cabinet. The head of state and government of Roscamistan is the President of Roscamistan, who serves as the head of the executive branch, and ultimately the highest authority within the state. The President is elected, along with the Vice President by direct election. The Cabinet is appointed by the President. There are 17 members of the Cabinet, seven of which are titled secretary of state, and the rest titled minister. The secretaries of state and the ministers are appointed on the advice of the Senate and Chamber of Representatives respectively. The members of the Cabinet also are heads of their respective departments.


The departments are the divisions of government responsible to a certain portfolio, such as defence or foreign policy. Departments are create and abolished at whim of the President, with the heads of the departments serving also as members of Cabinet. The departments are managed mainly by junior ministers, who are not members of the Cabinet, but are responsible for administration within the executive branch.


The legislative branch is made up of three main components, the President, and the two houses, who are collectively known as the National Assembly. The National Assembly is made up of the Senate, and the Chamber of Representatives. The President plays a small role in the legislative branch, with all laws which pass through the legislative branch needing to be signed off by the President.


The Senate is the upper house of the National Assembly, made up of 12 seats. The Senate is appointed by the President of Roscamistan, on the advice of the Government and the Opposition. The Senate is chaired by the President of the Senate, an extra position of the Vice President of Roscamistan. Most Senate meetings are de facto presided by the Deputy President of the Senate, who is elected by the senators.


The Chamber of Representatives is the lower house of the National Assembly, and is the elected counterweight to the appointed Senate. The Chamber is made up of 16 seats, elected on the system of proportional representation closed party lists. For any party to send representatives, they must reach a legal threshold of 5%. The President of the Chamber serves as the presiding officer of the Chamber, and is elected by the representatives.


The judicial branch of Government is composed of the Supreme Court, the Provincial Courts, and the Regional Courts. The Chief Justice of Roscamistan serves as the head of the judicial branch.