Constitution of Roscamistan

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Constitution of Roscamistan
Constitution of Roscamistan
Ratified6 November 2021; 6 months ago (2021-11-06)
Date effective6 November 2021; 6 months ago (2021-11-06)
SystemSemi-Unitary Catholic democratic presidential republic
BranchesThree (executive, legislature and judiciary)
ChambersSenate and Chamber of Representatives
ExecutivePresident and Cabinet of Roscamistan
JudiciarySupreme Court, Provincial Superior Courts, Regional Courts
FederalismUnitary State with devolution
Electoral collegeNo
Last amendedJanuary 2022
SupersedesFirst Roscami Constitution
Flag of Roscamistan

The Constitution of Roscamistan is the fundamental law of the Republic, it is the second constitution since the Independence constitution in early March 2021 was created.

The Constitution of Roscamistan

Written by the 5th Paramount leader, Adam Flannery.

Article 1- The Republic

  1. Roscamistan is a Catholic presidential democratic Republic. This means that the president is chosen by direct election (see article 3).
  2. The Republic follows a devolved unitary system.
  3. The cabinet of roscamistan is formed of various ministers.
  4. The name of the Roscamistan parliament is the “Reichstag”.
  5. The upper house is the Senate.
  6. The lower house is the untherhaus is the name of the Roscamistan House of Commons.         

Article 2-The faith

“The Roman Catholic Church shall be placed as the state and official religion of the republic, and shall stay so till the dissolution of the state,“any slander against the state church shall not be tolerated and shall be punished accordingly”

-The words of Andrew M.J. Brotherton the 3rd and current president of Roscamistan in August 2021. Slander includes:

  • Atheism
  • Agnosticism
  • Irreligion
  • Slander in general
  • The writings of HP Lovecraft, James Joyce, Lenin, Marx and Stalin, any communists (if communist is atheist).
  • Being an active communist (if that communist is atheist)
  • Any writings by atheists
  • Teaching of evolution
  • Satanism

Article 3-Election

Part 1
  1. President’s must be elected in a presidential election
  2. Presidential elections will happen every annually unless held otherwise on 18th of February
  3. A voting system is yet to be put in place, but in order to win the presidential candidate must have a majority vote over anyone else.
  4. In the event of only one candidate running, a yes or no vote will be put to the general public.
  5. If the majority of people vote yes then the candidate will win.
  6. However if the majority votes no, the candidate will lose.
  7. If this happens an emergency council will form( made up of the major ministers and the previous president and vice)
  8. They will appoint a president among themselves.
  9. A president can only stay in office for 2 terms in a row. Also a vice can only stay that same amount of terms in office.
  10. Once a president has stayed 2 years in a row he cannot run for vice, however this does not take affect if the president only stays 1 year. This rule does not apply to the incumbent President and Vice President after the signing of the Constitution.
Part 2

1.There are two types of ministers:

A major minister/a minor minister

2.A minor minister is chosen by the president and his vice, minor minister positions include:

  • Minister of Education
  • Minister of Sport
  • Minister of Culture
  • Minister of Local Government
  • Minister of Health

3.Major ministers are elected by a general election(This happens twice per year), major ministers include:

  • Minister of Recruitment

4.A person may only have one major office

5.Minor minsters may be replaced by the president at any moments notice.

6. Major ministers must undergo a no confidence vote to be removed from office. ( see part 5)

Part 3

1.Each province of Roscamistan has unique system.Out of the eleven provinces the following provinces are under full control of state:

Greater Roscam province

Galway city province

Lochrey province

Connemara province

Limerick province

Green-rock province

Hamptonshire province

Northern Province

2.The following provinces are not under control of state, as they are either autonomous or have their own authority in place.

Mervustan province ( Mervustan authority)

Autonomous province of Ennis(Not fully annexed)

Aran islands autonomous province(Aran authority)

Part 4

1.Requirments for presidents:

-Minor military experience

  • Experience as major minister
  • A Vice President to run alongside
  • Be a part of Catholic faith

2. Requirements for vice include:

-Experience in two or more Minster positions

  • Be a part of Catholic faith

3. Requirements for a major minister position include-

  • Experience as a minister
  • A obligation to serve
  • Be a part of Catholic faith
Part 5
  1. If a president/major ministers /vice president, is faulty a no confidence vote must take place.
  2. For a  major minister this means:

-At least two fellow major ministers must bring this to attention of the president.

-Then a special council will form(In this case the neither president or the man on trail will get a vote) the president will run the trail, and if the majority vote that he or she is faulty

it will then go to a general vote where everyone affiliated with roscamistan can vote.

  • Once the votes are tallied, it will decide the outcome.

3.A similar process will be put in place for a Vice President but with minor changes, it will take 3 people to announce it and at least 5 governors to back it up. In this case a larger council will form to vote on it. However the president may veto the vote.But the president only has 3 vetos per year.

4.To remove a president is a big deal and should never really need to happen.But it can happen if enough people are unhappy.The presidents vetos will not count but the Vice President could use his one veto to delay the vote by three months.

5.In the unlikely event of this happening, the special council will choose an appropriate substitute until the end of term.

Article 4-Basic Rules

The Republic follows the basic rules set down by Moses:

-Thou shall not kill

-Thou shall not lie

-Thou shall not steal

-Thou shall not commit adultery

-Thou shall not worship false idols

-Thou shall not use the lords name in vain

-Thou shall listen to your superiors

-Remember the sabbath as a holy day

  • You shall not covet
  • Thou shall not be jealous

Article 5-The Bank

The bank of Roscamistan provides funding to the military ( see article 6) and the ministers of state. Funding will be split equally by the minister of finance. Annually each year the state will divide the money equally between minister and military and by current estimations it will be half and half.

  1. Miss use or waste of government funding will be punished by expulsion from office and you will be obligated to pay a fee to renter politics.
  2. Payment will be sent by mail
  3. Members of state will be encouraged to donate regularly to the state.

Article 6- Military

The military is a separate branch of state. There is system of militias in Roscamistan. These will be ruled by various commanders, who will be instructed by the Defence Secretary and the President as Commander in Chief. This is how payment works:

Payment and ranks

Yes you heard right, you will get payment for doing nothing! And even more if something actually happens ( highly unlikely practically impossible)! So here’s how it works:

Commander:( leader of the militia)

Contact renewal payment:€0 ( contact must be renewed every 3 months) but sadly as commander no contact for me.

Daily war wage 50cent: When war starts and the mervustan militia gets activated you automatically get a daily payment that will be payed at the end of a war. ( it builds up every day)

Battle bonus:€5 if an actual battle is fought ( and won) you get a battle bonus ( it adds up every battle)

End of war bonus: Rights to a victory parade ( if we win)

Captain: Second in command ( you)

Contract renewal payment:€5

Daily war wage: 25 cent

Battle bonus: €3

Daily war wage: 20 cent

Battle bonus: €2

End of war bonus: €2:50

Vice captain:Third in command

Contract renewal payment: €3

Daily war wage: 20 cent

Battle bonus: €2

End of war bonus: €2:50

Corporal : Average soldier

Contract renewal payment:€2

Daily war wage: 20 cent

Battle bonus:€1:50

Private: New recruit

Contact renewal:€1:50

Daily war wage: 10cent

Battle bonus:€1

End of war: €2

You will not have to undergo any military training to join the militia however to access your war payments you must muster at the location given to get details on the war ( again this is just a scenario)(highly unlikely practically impossible). Firearms will be provided in the unlikely event of war ( water guns, nerf guns possibly water balloons and I know it’s sounds incredibly stupid ( it is) but what else can you do when your a Republic that is recognised by no others republic)

In order to join a militia you must sign a contract!

Article 7-Presidential Ceremony:

-The ceremony will begin on the 18th of February

-The ceremony will begin with a  parade of the military.(This will take place at the holy family church)

  • Then the 12 flag bearers will parade
  • Then the old president will present the new president with a flag of Roscamistan.
  • Then they will cross the road to the playground and the new president will fly the flag on top of the high platform.
  • He will then be saluted by crowd and a feast will begin!
  • The anthem will then be sang

This will be one of the two roscami national holidays, they are:

February 18- Founding date

June 23- End of the Irwin regime

The pledge: I serve, before man and God, to pledge my full and complete allegiance and efforts into my office, to bring peace, justice and property to Roscamistan, protect the Republic and the people of these provinces United under one God and One Republic. LONG LIVE ROSCAMISTAN AND THE REPUBLIC!!!

First Amendment

The Republic shall be, always a republic of democracy. By this amendment, the presidential system shall end in Roscamistan and be replaced by a parliamentary republic with an executive presidency, similar to that of South Africa.

Second Amendment

The first amendment is repealed, thus making Roscamistan a presidential republic again.

Third Amendment

Andrew Brotherton will be known for eternity as the Founder-Leader of Roscamistan. This is only posthumous and can be revoked if necessary.

Fourth Amendment

The Sovereignty of the nation cannot and will not be transferred from the people to a singular person. Roscamistan’s sovereign is the people.

Fifth Amendment

The Reichstag of Roscamistan and its chambers are now abolished. It is replaced by the National Assembly, comprised of the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives.