November 2021 coup d’etat

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Facist Coup
November 2021 coup d’etat
Part of the New School Era, Transition to Democracy
Date5 November 2021
Galway City and Greater Roscam, Roscamistan

Coup foiled

  • Doros Patusky responds, un-suspending the constitution
  • Transition to Democracy

Thomas Jacobs’s side

  • Liberal Democrats

Doros Patusky’s side

  • Pro-Constitutionalists




The November 2021 coup d’etat or Facist Coup was an attempt to stop the Second Constitution coming into force by Thomas Jacobs. On 5 November 2021, Thomas Jacobs was frustrated by his inability to espouse Socialist propaganda and memes in his school. This, coupled with the new Constitution coming into force, he decided commit a self coup to bring about a facist government in Roscamistan, declaring Roscamistan a Facist Republic, a deliberate spelling mistake of 'Fascist'.


Thomas Jacobs became infatuated again by the ideas of Communism upon seeing the East German communist hat of his friend, Ludwig Collins, but this time he became a Christian socialist.


In November 2021, he and Ludwig were both banned from speaking of communism, each for different unrelated reasons. Infuriated by this, he briefly decided to convert to fascism, founding the Liberal Democratic Party, which in actuality was not democratic or liberal and was a facist party and began the plan to use the RLF for macro national paramilitary use.

Self Coup

This in turn became the facist coup, which overthrew the current political order, keeping himself President of both Roscamistan and the Liberal Democratic Party.

End result

Doros Patusky in his capacity as Paramount Leader, ended the coup and restored the old political order. After the coup, the constitution was made democratic and the Liberal-Democratic Party losing any chance to gain a monopoly on power. On 1 December 2021, the road to democracy began, which finished on 20 February 2022 after the first democratic presidential election. The Liberal Democratic party, the Labour Party of Roscamistan and the Roscamistan Freedom Party were merged together and became the United Party of Roscamistan.


President Jacobs stated in 2023 he regretted his decision to commit his coup, and admitted to be in a bad state of mind at the time.