Liberal-Democratic Party (Roscamistan)

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Liberal Democratic Party of Roscamistan
President and Dear LeaderThomas Jacobs (last)
Founded5 November 2021
Dissolved1 December 2021
Merged intoUnited Party of Roscamistan
Youth wingDemocratic Youth
Membership3 (at time of dissolution)
IdeologyLiberal Democracy (de jure)
Fascism (de facto)
Political positionFar right
International affiliationUnited Galway movement
SloganThe strength of the dictatorship

The Liberal Democratic Party was a facist Christian party founded by Thomas Jacobs on 5 November 2021 as a replacement to the Roscamistan Freedom Party which he founded and in reaction to the Second Constitution. It is also known as the “Protest Party” due to the background of which it was founded from. It was abolished on 1 December 2021 along with the Freedom Party and the Socialist Labour Party, and replaced by the United Party of Roscamistan. It became the far right faction of the United Party.