Flag of Roscamistan

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Flag of Roscamistan
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Flag of Roscamistan
Name Crown-topped Banner
Use Civil ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 23 June 2022; 17 months ago (2022-06-23)
Design A tricolour of green, white and purple with a Celtic cross in a Nordic style
Designed by Aidan McGrath

The flags of Roscamistan are the flags and primary symbols in the Roscami Federation. The primary flag, the Christian Cthe has been in use since 23 June 2022. It was designed by Aidan McGrath, who designed it on a personal computer. The flag is a tricolour, made up of green, symbolising Ireland, white, representing peace, and purple, representing the Classical World. The orange cross in the centre of the white symbolises Christianity.

The secondary flag, the Fasces flag, has been the civil flag since 11 September 2023, though de facto has been used as a national flag since July 2023. The tertiary flag, the Holy Tricolour, is the civil ensign. It was also previously the only flag of the nation from 2021 to 2022.