Federalism in Roscamistan

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The concept of federalism in Roscamistan has been prevalent in the Roscami Federation from its foundation. Though Roscamistan only became a federal republic in June 2023, several proposals and plans had been created in 2021 and 2022.

Plans and proposal

First proposal

In late March to early April, James Irwin gained both the Rank of Captain and the Premiership of the Province of Mervue and Mervue’s successor province, Mervustan.

In the summer, Ennis gained autonomy through its own city council and Connemara became autonomous with a premier and Governor-General and later the High Commission lead by Evan O’Neill.

The possibility of federalism was later finally scrapped, seen as not useful and a waste of resources in April 2022.

October 2021 proposal

The President proposed in October 2021, that Roscamistan should federate and that Culann Burke, Vice President of Roscamistan, would become Minister of Culture. Only the latter came to fruition, as federalism again failed.

November 2021 proposal

On 5 November 2021, Thomas Jacobs committed a self-coup against his own government, establishing a facist republic with the title of President and Dear Leader. He also made the republic semi-unitary, a Unitary State with many aspects of federalism. After the coup was reversed, only the semi-unitary part was kept.

December proposal

Jacobs put forward his then final plan for federalism in Roscamistan, in which Roscamistan would federate into states, which would have the boundaries of the current provinces, the Administrative Officers would be renamed ‘Governor’, with the titles of the heads of government of the provinces staying the same. This plan was approved by the President, with a transition period lasting from 14 December 2021 to 1 January 2022. This means that the rights and powers of the autonomous executives would be protected in the constitution. This plan also failed.

2023 Federation

In a bold move by the Reform Commission, its findings included a fully functional federalisation plan. This would involve removing most provinces from the state, leaving only four core provinces left (Greater Roscam, Mervustan, Galway City, and Oranmore). This alongside other changes passed in June 2023.