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Nyck Bradaten
نيچق براداتن
Nyck in 2022
3rd Chief Justice of Roscamistan
In office
4 August 2022 – 16 January 2023
Nominated byThomas Jacobs
Preceded byVacant (last
held by Marco Hasse)
Other Roscamistan positions
Succeeded byA.J. Crowley
3rd Second Secretary of State
Assumed office
15 May 2022
PresidentThomas Jacobs
Preceded byVacant (last
held by Sean Mulryan)
1st Minister of Trade
Assumed office
19 June 2022
PresidentThomas Jacobs
Preceded byPosition established
Minister without portfolio
In office
15 May 2022 – 19 June 2022
PresidentThomas Jacobs
Senator of Roscamistan
for the Overseas Constituency
In office
19 April 2022 – 26 June 2023
Appointed byDoros Patusky
  • Doros Patusky
  • Thomas Jacobs
Parliamentary groupMajority Caucus
3rd Governor of Audoù-an-Arvor
Assumed office
25 July 2022
(until 23 August 2022)
Dzozyp Trick
(since 23 August 2022)
Preceded byBryce Smith
Supreme Leader of the Sheetfuckery Party
Assumed office
10 July 2022
Preceded byPosition established
President of Richensland
Interim (disputed)
Assumed office
7 December 2022
First Vice PresidentAidan McGrath (disputed)
Second Vice PresidentVacant
Preceded byDisputed:
  • Thomas Jacobs
  • Aidan McGrath
In office
22 October 2021 – 27 July 2022
Vice President (s)None
(until 22 November 2021)
First Vice Presidents:
Second Vice Presidents:
Prime Minister (s)Mullah Mujahid Al Wardasaqri
(until 22 November 2021)
Preceded byRifqi
Succeeded byThomas Jacobs
In office
18 November 2020 – 23 August 2021
Vice President (s)
  • Nayli
  • Rifqi
Prime Minister (s)None
(until 5 December 2020)
(since 5 December 2020)
Preceded byRyan
Succeeded byRifqi
Personal details
Born2009 (age 14–15)
  • Singapore
  • Richensland
  • Ela'r'oech
  • Roscamistan
  • Melite
  • Paloma
  • Unova
  • Yamatai
  • Vishwamitra
Political partySee list
  • Rifqi (cousin)
  • Dhia (cousin)
  • Aiden (sibling)
Known forMicronationalist (2016 - present)

Nyck Bradaten (Jawi: نيچق براداتن; born 2009) is a Singaporean micronationalist. He serves as chief justice of Roscamistan, second secretary of state, trade minister, senator and governor of Audoù-an-Arvor since 2022.

As a co-founder of the Richensland, Bradaten plays a crucial role in the republic's governance. He is credited for much of the republic's political development, as well as being the forefront of Richensland's politics. Moreover, he spearheaded most government initiatives and policymaking. Aside from his roles in Richensland, Bradaten holds several political positions in Roscamistan throughout all branches of the nation's government. He was first appointed a senator by then president Doros Patusky in 2022 and was subsequently appointed several cabinet roles and chief justice in August 2022. Bradaten also stood for election for governor of Audoù-an-Arvor in July 2022 and was reelected in October 2022. In addition, Bradaten serves as a member of the Supreme Paloman in Paloma and in several political positions in Ballinfoyleburg. Bradaten formerly served as president of Zarkyiv in 2022, member of the Elarian Parliament in 2021 and as president of the privy council and prime minister of the Viskonian Empire in 2021 (see Micronational career). He frequently collaborates with Thomas Jacobs, creating numerous acts of legislation with him.

Bradaten currently holds micronational citizenship in Richensland, Ela'r'oech, Paloma, Roscamistan, Melite, Unova, Yamatai and Vishwamitra.

Early life

Bradaten was born in 2009 in Singapore. Several of Bradaten's cousins and his younger brother have served in political positions in Richensland. His younger brother Aiden served as acting prime minister of Richensland for a brief period in 2020. His first cousin Rifqi served as vice president, prime minister and in other cabinet roles as well as a legislator. Moreover, another of his first cousin Dhia served as chief justice from 2020 to 2022.

Micronational career

Bradaten has held many offices among many different micronations, though the micronations he are most active in is Richensland and the Roscamistan. Bradaten as a co-founder of Richensland plays an important role in the republic's cultural and political growth. Bradaten served as king in 2020, overseeing a brief reign and stagnant and isolated micronation. During his reign, Bradaten also served as prime minister twice. He was overthrown by the fourth prime minister Ryan on 3 November 2020. He then served as vice president and later president from 2020 to 2021 in the republic government. Bradaten stepped down on 23 August 2021 and became vice president and prime minister again. During his third tenure as prime minister, he presided over the republic's dispute with the Cycoldian Imperium which caused his government to go into 'exile' from September to December 2021 and successfully reinstated his authority on 5 December 2021. During the same period, Bradaten had became president for the second time, serving from 2021 to 2022. He was succeeded by this first vice-president Thomas Jacobs on 27 July 2022. Bradaten assumed the office of state representative on 25 August 2022 in an acting capacity. He also negotiated the republic's transition process to join Roscamistan as an autonomous republic in late 2022 (see Contributions) and became interim president on 7 December 2022 (see Interim presidency) (see Offices and appointments for full list of political offices served).

In Roscamistan, Bradaten was appointed as a senator by fourth president Doros Patusky on and was inaugurated on 19 April 2022 representing Audoù-an-Arvor, a province in the nation and was reelected in July that year. He quickly rose through the ranks and was subsequently appointed as a minister without portfolio in the Third Jacobs cabinet as well as second secretary of state on 15 May in the same year. In the Fourth Jacobs cabinet, he was given a seat as trade minister since 19 June 2022. Later on 4 August 2022, he was appointed as the third chief justice of Roscamistan by president Jacobs without a Senate selection, as the second Senate was in the process of being elected. In addition, on 16 May 2022, Bradaten declared his bid to be a candidate for the June 2022 Roscamistan presidential election, hours after an announcement by president Jacobs calling for the election and chose Addison Dillon as his running mate. Therefore, Bradaten had to redeclare his candidacy with Dillon as his running mate. Bradaten ran as an independent candidate while Dillon ran under the banner of the Pirate Party of Roscamistan. Bradaten lost the election, receiving only five percent of votes or one vote. Bradaten announced his bid to run for governor of Audoù-an-Arvor on 18 July 2022. Shortly after, he was endorsed by incumbent president Jacobs, Matthew Tonna and Sean Dunkerque of the Republican Bloc. The election was held on 24 July 2022 and resulted in Bradaten's victory. Despite the small number of votes cast, Bradaten won all votes, the first time ever in Roscamistan's history and unseating then governor Bryce Smith of the nation's Liberal Party. He was considered to have been reelected on 24 October 2022 due there being no election held. Bradaten established the Sheetfuckery Party on 10 July 2022 and became its Supreme Leader.

Other micronational activities he participates in was serving as the prime minister of the Viskonian Empire, member of the Elarian legislature and president of Zarkyiv from June to October 2022. He is also an incumbent member of the Supreme Paloman in Paloma and the current Unovian foreign minister.


Legislative contributions

During his time as a senator in Roscamistan, Bradaten has introduced legislation such as the Satanist religious practices regulations Bill of 2022 and the Terry McKeen Potty Toilet Bill of 2022. In addition, as a member of the People's Representative Assembly, he introduced the Democracy (constitutional amendment) Act of 2022, Reorganization of departments and constitutional amendment Act of 2022, Office of State Representative Act of 2022, Constitutional Convention Act of 2022 and the Referendum for the constitution Act of 2022. He also introduced the Constitution (constitutional amendment) Act, 2021; and the Government in Exile Act, 2021 as a member of Parliament.

Richensland joining Roscamistan

State Representative Bradaten reached out to president Jacobs on 8 October 2022 and asked if Richensland could join Roscamistan as an autonomous republic. After discussions with Jacobs, Bradaten proposed a "transition guide" that a referendum on Richensland's ascension be held in Roscamistan, Richensland holds a referendum on approving a new constitution and joining Roscamistan, Richensland and Roscamistan sign a treaty confirming the republic's government after ascension and for said treaty to be approved in both micronations, the signing of a second treaty on the ascension of Richensland by both parties. Finally, said treaty would then be approved by both parties and Richensland would officially be a republic of Roscamistan on 1 January 2023.

A communique was published in Roscamistan by president Jacobs on 9 October 2022 on the desire to join Roscamistan. It stated that Bradaten had been "disinterested" in running the republic as a cause of it joining Roscamistan. Moreover, president Jacobs stated that he was "happy to hear the news" and that "Richenslandians are asking for the status of “autonomous republic”, the issue being that no such status currently exists, though I’d be happy to create such an entity. The Richenslandians were not forced into said agreement, they have done this on accord of their former leader Nyck Bradaten". The communique also proposed a new government system for the republic, for the official name of the republic to be the "Constituent Republic of Richensland" and for there to be a "State President", "Executive Council", "Chamber of Deputies", "Speaker" and an "Superior Autonomous Court". The communique also reaffirmed that there would be a referendum.[1]

This sparked another discussion between the two leaders on the status of the president of Richensland after the ascension. Bradaten had hoped that the title remained. However, Jacobs wanted to distinguish the office from that of the president of Roscamistan, thus the addition of "State" to the title. Jacobs also proposed title official title of the state president as being the "State President of the Executive Council". After a while, both leaders finally agreed on "chief executive" as the replacement title. They also agreed that Richensland should not have a regional head of state, agreeing that such distinction should only rest with the president of Roscamistan.

Roscamistan held its planned referendum on 10 October 2022 for 24 hours. The results of the referendum showed a voter turnout of 8 voters, 75 percent showed the results in favour of approving Richensland's ascension. Bradaten was subsequently appointed as "Minister of State for the integration of Richensland" and a "Richensland Integration Committee" was also formed.

Richensland held its referendum from 14 to 19 October 2022, for a period of five days. The referendum to join Roscamistan and to approve the new constitution was held concurrently.

President of Richensland

Offices and appointments

Political positions

Bradaten has stated that he identifies to the right of the political spectrum. He opposes abortion unless in cases of rape or endangerment to the mother. He also opposes euthanasia and has publicly argued against socialism and communism.

Political affiliations

Logo of the Shitfuckery Party
Logo of the Richensland Party





First row
Thomas Jacobs Prize
Second row
Recipient (and former Sovereign Grand Master[a])
Order of the Renaissance
Recipient (and former Sovereign Grand Master[a])
Order of the Medal of Koldova
Recipient (and former Sovereign Grand Master[a])
Rabat Medal
Order of the Golden Sun[2]


  •  Richensland:
    • Sovereign Grand Master of the Human Rights Medal (2022)
    • Recipient (and former Sovereign Grand Master) of the Karen Medal (2022[a])
    • Sovereign Grand Master of the Animal Protection Medal (2022[a])
    • Sovereign Grand Master of the Civilian Medal of Valor (2022[a])
    • Sovereign Grand Master of the Military Medal of Valor (2022[a])
    • Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of Merit (2021)
    • Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of Good Hope (2021)
    • Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of the Ashes (2021)
    • Sovereign Grand Master[b] of the Order of Loyalty to the Crown of Richensland (2020[c])
    • Sovereign Grand Master[b] of the Royal Order of Richensland (2020[c])
  •  Zarkyiv:
    • Sovereign Grand Master (and former Officer[d]) of the Order of Statum (2022)
    • Sovereign Grand Master (and former Officer[d]) of the Order of Servitium (2022)
  • Viskonian Empire:
    • Recipient of the Most Noble Order of Bhuvan (2021)

Honorary titles

  •  Richensland:
    • Richenslandian of the year 2021 (2021/ 2022)


Sembawang Air Base, renamed to Nyck Bradaten Airport in Richensland

Electoral results


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