Grand Duchy of Trimland

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Grand Duchy of Trimland
Trimland flag.png
Trimland arms.png
Coat of arms

Latin: Et nobis quoque fidus timere
("Fearless and loyal")
Glory to the Grand Duke
Capital citySjerelyslau
(seat of government)
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular State
Short nameTrimland
GovernmentUnitary constitutional monarchy with a provisional government under a military junta
- Grand DukeAniq Sufyan
- PresidentNosha
Established2 May 2021
CurrencyGoogol (alleged)
National animalChimpanzee

The Grand Duchy of Trimland, more commonly known as Trimland, is a micronation. It claims to be an extraterritorial micronation, and thus, does not claim any land. Currently, Trimland's government buildings are based in Sjerelyslau, the capital of Richensland. It is in a partial personal union with Richensland as their President, Aniq Sufyan, is Trimland's Grand duke after being offered the position.

Monarchy of Trimland
Trimland arms.png
Coat of arms of Trimland
Trimland flag.png
Flag of Trimland
Aniq Sufyan

since 2 May 2021
StyleHis Serene Royal Highness
ResidenceGrey House, Sjerelyslau, Most Serene Republic of Richensland
Term lengthLife Tenure, or until abdication
PrecursorPresident of Trimland
Inaugural holderAniq Sufyan
Formation2 May 2021


Trimland got its name as it was choose as such by Tee Tian Wen, President of the Government of Trimland. The origins of the name are unknown as it has not been revealed to anyone other than Tee Tian Wen himself.



Tee Tian Wen met Aniq Sufyan personally and later found out the latter had a micronation and was inspired by him to create his own.

Tian Wen came up with Trimland. He decided make it a republic until 2 May 2021 when Aniq celebrated his birthday. As a sign of graditude he decided to convert Trimland from a republic to a constitutional monarchy with the Grand Duke as monarch and without having any real powers. He offered the position to Aniq Sufyan.

Premiership of Tee Tian Wen

Coup and takeover

Premiership of Nosha


The Grand Duke

The Grand Duke holds little to any power in the nation. His only duty is to award awards given by the state and to represent the nation abroad. He is only allowed to do as such by assistance by the President which is the head of government.

Executive branch

The head of government is the President of the Government of Trimland which runs the nation on a day to day basis.

His cabinet which consists of non-partisan members (including himself) advises the President on day to day problems the nation is facing.

Legislative branch

Legislative power is vested in the cabinet as there is no legislature.

Judicial branch

There is no clear institution that wields legal judicial power as it remains vague by the government. Currently, judicial power is vested in the cabinet.

Awards and decorations

Trimland currently has no awards or decorations.