Sheetfuckery Party

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Sheetfuckery Party
Irish nameCóisir Sheetfuckery
Supreme LeaderNyck Bradaten
FounderNyck Bradaten
Founded10 July 2022
Registered30 June 2022
HeadquartersAudoù-an-Arvor, Roscamistan
Membership (2022)2
Political positionCenter-right to right-wing
National affiliationPatriot Coalition
Colors  Magenta
SloganLet us write the history of Roscamistan, for we shall laugh and shit through the system
Scríobhaimis stair Roscamistan, mar déanaimid gáire agus cac tríd an gcóras (Irish)
1 / 9
Chamber of Representatives
1 / 16
Party flag
Party flag

The Sheetfuckery Party (Irish: Cóisir Sheetfuckery) (abbreviated as SP) is a federal right-wing political party in Roscamistan founded by Nyck Bradaten on 10 July 2022 after his re-election to the Senate that year. Since the party's foundation, it has had a member in the Senate and as of 2022, the party has two members.

The party's name may be spelled in a variety of ways such as "Shitfuckery", "Shitfuqkery", "Sheetfuqkery" or "Sheetfuggery". However, due to the "inappropriateness" of the name, the name "Banter Party" has also been suggested but rarely used.


The party was officially registered in Roscamistan on 30 June 2022 and came into existence after its founder Nyck Bradaten's reelection to the nation's Senate on 10 July 2022.

Ideology and politics

The party advocates for mostly right leaning policies such as opposing abortion and supports capitalism and other aspects of conservatism. In addition, the party also believes in a republican government and anti-imperialism. In the Senate, the party aligns in the Majority Caucus and is supportive of the Republican Bloc.

Structure and membership

The party has a constitution (see Party constitution) and is led by a Supreme Leader elected by members every two years.

List of supreme leaders

Officers serving in political positions

Chief Justice (s)

There has been one chief justice affiliated with the party.

  • Nyck Bradaten (2022–present; appointed 2022)

Senator (s)

The party has one elected senator.

  • Nyck Bradaten (2022–present; elected 2022)

Governor (s)

The party has participated in a gubernatorial election which the party's candidate won with a landslide. The party's candidate was deemed to have been reelected as no subsequent election was held.

Cabinet member (s)

Nyck Bradaten is serving in the Fourth Jacobs cabinet as trade minister since 19 June 2022 and has represented the party since its founding in July 2022.

Party constitution

Party symbols

Electoral results



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