Senate (Roscamistan)

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Senate of Roscamistan

Seanad Roscaoinistan (Irish)
3rd Senate
Coat of arms or logo
Preceded byReichstag Senat
New session started
8 January 2023
Thomas Jacobs, United Front
since 11 May 2022
Deputy President of the Senate
Joseph Montgomery, United Front
since 12 February 2023
Political groups
Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front (9)
  United Front: 3 seats
  Independent: 3 seats
  Democratic Bloc: 1 seat
  Liberal Party: 1 seat
Single transferable vote in multi member constituencies
Last election
January 2023
Meeting place
Galway City (de jure)
Discord, Greater Roscam, or Snapchat (de facto)

The Senate, officially the Senate of Roscamistan, is the upper house of the National Assembly, the bicameral legislature of Roscamistan, the other house being the Chamber of Representatives. The Senate is the third in the line of upper houses of legislatures in Roscamistan, superseding the Senat (upper house of the Reichstag) and the Provisional Senate (upper house of the Legislative Council). Its members, fielded by the Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front in accordance with Article 10 of the Constitution, are elected by single transferable vote in multi member constituencies.


The Senate was originally made up of 12 senators, who were appointed by the President of Roscamistan de facto on individual merit, for a term of seven months. After the Senate Reform Act was passed, the amount of seats set for the second Senate was 9, elected by single transferable vote in multi member constituencies, called the Outer, Metropolitan and Overseas Constituencies.


The Leadership of the Senate is composed of the Majority and Minority Caucuses. The President of the Senate due to his status as the ex office presiding officer and speaker of said Senate, is not a Senator and is not part of the leadership. The Majority Leader serves as the leader of the Senate, with the Minority Leader serving as shadow leader of the Senate. The caucus whips enforce the positions of the caucuses and collect votes from their members on important issues.


Name Party Province Constituency Assumed seat
Falcone de Los Santos Independent  Greater Roscam Outer 3 September 2022
Joseph Montgomery United Front Metropolitan 8 January 2023
Marco Hasse United Front  Galway City 11 February 2023
Nyck Bradaten Independent  Audoù-an-Arvor Overseas 19 April 2022
Zanium van Assfold Zanium Assfold List  Greater Roscam Outer 8 January 2023
Azwariq Qadri Democratic Bloc  Audoù-an-Arvor Overseas 11 February 2023
Fraser MacAoidh Independent  Greater Roscam Outer 11 February 2023
Samuel Newman United Front Metropolitan 8 January 2023
Matthew Tonna National Salazarist Front  Mervustan Overseas 11 February 2023