Marco Hasse

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His Excellency The Honourable
Marco Hasse
An unconfirmed photo of Hasse, taken 2022
1st Prime Minister of Östruck
In office
29 November 2022 – 9 September 2023
PresidentThomas Jacobs
Preceded byHimself (as Emir)
Succeeded byIvan Vichev
In office
January 2021 – 23 October 2022
Preceded byoffice established
Succeeded byHimself (as Emir)
2nd Chief Justice of Roscamistan
In office
1 May 2022 – 20 July 2022
PresidentDoros Patusky
Thomas Jacobs
Preceded byThomas Jacobs
Succeeded byNyck Bradaten
Supreme Leader of the National Östruck Party
Assumed office
8 June 2022
Preceded byoffice established
1st Commissioner-General of the National Blueshirt Militia
Assumed office
8 March 2023
Preceded byOffice established
Vice President of Roscamistan
Assumed office
1 January 2024
PresidentThomas Jacobs
Preceded byNyck Bradaten
Personal details
Born10 April 2008 (2008-04-10) (age 15)
Citizenship Poland
Political partyNational Östruck Party
Other political
National Catholic League
Residence Henstein
Known forFounding Östruck
AwardsIron Cross Assault Badge 2nd Class
Military service
Allegiance Östruck
Branch/serviceHigh Command
Years of service2020 - present
RankLord Commander
UnitMilitary Command
CommandsÖstruckan Armed Forces

Marco Hasse is an Ireland born Polish micronationalist who is the founder of Östruck, his micronation located in Galway, Ireland. He is also the head of police in the Roscami Federation.

Known for his Fascist views, Hasse has been controversial in his micronational career.

Early life

Hasse was born in Galway, to Polish parents in 2008. From a young age, he was playing soccer and became interested in history.

Micronational career

In September 2020, he formed the NGR (New Germanic Reich), and was a “National Socialistic” nation. In the September of 2021 he formed the Colonial Empire of Östruck, in its prime it consisted of 8 overseas colonies. all around the world, but Mexican micronationalist Martin Malenkov performed a coup aimed at the destabilisation of the Empire, which was successful. Many members outright left and joined the rebellion against the Fascist leader, resulting in the "dark times" of Östruck. The Östruck Orderstaad was created to prevent any other civil rebellions national socialism was strictly enforced the citizens were kept on record 24/7 and it was led by the Fürher. In January 2022, before he met Thomas Jacobs over the Internet for the first time, he dissolved the Orderstaad in favour of the Empire of Östruck, with himself as Lord Protector.

Modern career

Östruck changed to a more laid-back fascist state around September 2021, creating decent diplomatical ties but on 20 July 2022, the Ballinfoylish-Roscami forces of the east and its allies declared war after a coup by Hasse Östruck began mobilising with Marco Hasse joining the battle alongside his troops.

In the Total War, the continuation of the Two Day War, from 31 July 2022 to 5 August 2022, not much happened, except a 1v1 battle with Roscami President Thomas Jacobs, which led to a truce, after a stalemate was seen as inevitable.

Personal life

Hasse lives in Galway with his family.

Hasse is a fan of the American band Nirvana. He and his friends formed a grunge band in 2023.


Östruck shall be called an Empire because of our never ending Fields, Forests and Colonies all around the world.

— Marco Hasse 2021

I do not wish to provoke conflict in the Galway sector.

— Marco Hasse to his War Minister Martin Malenkov, August 2022

But Östruck Lives, and Marches on!

— End of Total War speech during the total war, July 2022

Online wars are gay

— Marco Hasse, October 2022

The Romani legion didn’t do shit.

— Marco Hasse, in the Micronational Assembly, October 2022

The state of the state is that it is a state.

— Marco Hasse, October 2022