Two Day War

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Two Day War
Part of the Galwegian wars

„Together we shall strangle Östruck“. Anti-Östruckan propaganda made by Ludwig Collins
Date20–21 July 2022
 • North Galway/New Berlin
 • Neu Königsberg
 • Henstein
  • Small parts of Neu Königsberg are given to Östruck
  • Peace treaty signed, ending the Two Day War and Total War
  • Ballinfoyleburg Ballinfoyleburg
  • Roscamistan Roscamistan
  • Trasona Trasona
  • Östruck Empire of Östruck
  • Commanders and leaders
  • BallinfoyleburgProtectorate of Crestwood Ludwig Collins
  • Roscamistan Thomas Jacobs
  • Trasona Sean Dunkerque
  • Östruck Marco Hasse
  • Östruck Ivan Vichev
  • Units involved
  • Wehrmacht
  • Roscamistan Defence Forces
  • Trasona Royal Defence Force
  • Östruck Östruckan Armed Forces
  • Strength



    After the injury of Ludwig Collins, acting as a diplomat by Östruckan forces, it is being looked into a possible Micronational war crime.

    The Two Day War also known as the War of Menlo Liberation in Ballinfoyleburg or the Great Galway War in Trasona, was a conflict that took place from 20–21 July 2022. The conflict took place between the coalition of Galway Sector nations, and Östruck. It was the culmination of months of tension between Ballinfoyleburg and Östruck over the territory of Castlegar and New Berlin/North Galway. The goal of Ballinfoyleburg in the war was the creation of an Östruckan puppet state loyal to the Galway Sector, the goal of Roscamistan being to wipe out any traces of national socialism within the sector. Östruck had made it clear that they wished to expand into territory owned by Roscamistan and Ballinfoyleburg. After the second day of fighting, the Total War began on 31 July 2022. A month later, the peace treaty was signed that ended both the Two Day War and Total War.


    The war began when the President of Ballinfoyleburg, Collins declared war on the Empire of Östruck. The leader of Östruck Marco Hasse had previously threatened the Ballinfoyli state of Castlegar Village and attempted to coup Roscamistan a day earlier, and Collins saw this as a fair casus belli. Thomas Jacobs and Sean Dunkerque declared war shortly after.

    20 July 2022

    The Leaders of the Galway sector were quick to strip Hasse of all his positions and kick him from any state servers. Early in the morning Collins very briefly took contol of the Östruckan capital of Henstein, establishing the Protectorate of Crestwood. Shortly after he left, Östruckan Troops arrived at the Capital to reclaim it

    21 July 2022

    After re-taking his capital Hasse pretended that he had been kidnapped by his Science Minister in order to lure Collins into a trap. The Science Minister invited Collins to diplomatic meeting in Henstein where the three would discuss a peace treaty. Collins had stated over Discord that he did not want any weapons to be brought to the meeting, but the Science minister simply ignored his request. Once Collins had been led to Henstein, he was attacked by the Östruckan armed forces and was forced to flee to North Galway. The Government of Ballinfoyleburg later claimed that this attack on an unarmed diplomat was a micronational war crime. The conflict came to a close as the Total War begins.