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Capital city and County
Flag of Henstein
Östruckan capital
Omnes pro Patria!
A photo of the Fort in Henstein
A photo of the Fort in Henstein
Country Östruck
 • Prime MinisterMarco Hasse
 • ReichskommissarMilosz Hasse
 • Total3
Time zoneUTC

Henstein is the capital city of the Free State of Östruck, and serves as the primary base of the Östruckan Armed Forces. The area is noted for a fort, used but not built by the Armed Forces. It is unknown who created the fort and keeps up its maintenance.


Modern day Henstein was first explored by pre-Östruckans in the Northern Expeditions of 2019. It became the capital of the Kingdom of Molotia until its dissolution in 2020.

Modern day Henstein was supposedly founded on 1 August 2021, though this date is unconfirmed.


The Reichskommissar of Henstein

The Henstein Government is led by the Reichskommissar, currently Marco Hasse’s brother since 25 August 2022.

Climate & Geography

Henstein is consists mainly of limestone, bushes, trees and shrubbery, and is known to be a hard area to navigate, leaving it a prime location for military purposes, with a military fort in Henstein.


The main thing in Henstein is its fort, used by the Östruckan Armed Forces but was not built by them. It is unknown who originally made the fort.

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