Roscamistan Defence Forces

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Roscamistan Defence Forces
Cosaint Fórsa na Roscamistan  (Irish)
Roscamistan thing.svg
Coat of Arms of Roscamistan
Flag of the Defence Forces
Founded18 February 2021
Current form19 September 2021
Service branches
HeadquartersMinistry of Defence interim headquarters, Mervustan
PresidentAndrew Brotherton
Secretary of State for DefenceVice Admiral Jan Kotoński
Minister of State for DefenceRafe Burfield
Chief of the Defence StaffMatthew Williams
Military age12+
ConscriptionNone (can be introduced at short notice)
Active personnel6
Reserve personnel21
Deployed personnel0
Domestic suppliersRoscami Government
Foreign suppliers East Galway
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The Roscamistan Defence Forces are the national military forces of the Republic of Roscamistan, founded over a period of several months in 2021. It is led nominally by the President of Roscamistan as Commander in Chief, with the chief of defence being the Chief of the Defence Staff.

Command and Administration

The Defence Forces is overlooked by the Ministry of Defence and the Defence Secretary and is nominally directed by the President as Commander-in-Chief. The day to day running of the armed forces is managed by the Defence Staff, led by the Chief of the Defence Staff. The Defence Forces can be command solely by the Commander in Chief in times of emergency.


The Defence Forces is led by the President, who is the Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces. The professional head of the Defence Forces is the Chief of the Defence Staff, who is head of the Defence Staff, the body appointed by the President that serves as the high command. There are also three chiefs of staff, one for each of the three branches of the Defence Forces.


The civil administration of the Defence Forces is done by the Ministry of Defence, headed by the Defence Secretary, currently Adam Flannery since 29 October 2021. The Defence Secretary is assisted by the Minister of State for Defence, currently Rafe Burfield since 2 April 2022.

Defence staff

The defence staff is the high command of the Defence Forces, being the highest authority giving orders to officers. Its members are appointed by the President as Commander in Chief on advice of the Defence Secretary and the Ministry of Defence. The Defence Staff is made up of 8 members maximum. The leading member of the Defence Staff is the Chief of the Defence Staff, who is also the highest military officer in the Defence Forces. The current roles that are ex officio members are:

  • Commander in Chief: in war times, the Commander in Chief is the chairman of the Defence Staff, appoints the members of the Defence Staff
  • Chief of the Defence Staff: the normal chairman of the Defence Staff in peacetime, and gives orders to the many officers
  • Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff: deputy to the Chief of the Defence Staff
  • Defence Secretary: the senior minister of the Ministry of Defence, and is advisor in military matters to the President along with the Chief of the Defence Staff
  • Army Chief of Staff: chief of staff of the Roscamistan Army
  • Naval Chief of Staff: chief of staff of the Roscamistan Navy
  • Air Chief of Staff: chief of staff of the Roscamistan Air Forces

There also two extra members for the special branches of the Army and the Navy.

Provincial militias

The militias are army units in the provinces. The militias are lead by the commander, and in some of the provinces, the Governors are also ex officio commander of that militia. Militias are responsible to the Ministry of Defence, the Defence Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Staff. Militias are created and abolished at the will of the Defence Ministry and the Defence Secretary. The current militias are the Mervustan Militia (Mervustan), the Greater Roscam Army (Greater Roscam), and the Connemara Rangers (Connemara).


Like most militaries, the Defence Forces has ranks, which all of its active members have. All enlisted members start off with the rank of Private, and enlisted officers start off with Officer Cadet. All the service branches have ranks. The highest ranks in the Defence Forces by rank are Marshal of the Republic (army), Fleet Admiral of the Republic (navy) and High Marshal of the Air Forces (Air Forces).

Past and current engagements

May Coup

The Defence Forces were spilt between the supporters of Captain James Irwin, first Prime Minister of Mervustan, and Andrew Brotherton, first President of Roscamistan in the 17thMayCoup. The latter being overthrown by the supporters of the left leaning James Irwin, defeating the right leaning Andrew Brotherton and became President and subsequently the Commander in Chief of the Roscamistan Defence Forces, staying in the position with the rank of Captain from 17 May 2021 to 23 June 2021 when Andrew Brotherton became the third President of Roscamistan.

Facist Self-Coup

The Roscamistan Defence Forces became engaged when Andrew Brotherton, scared by the rising power of Adam Flannery over constitutional affairs, suspended the New Constitution and changed the republic to a facist one. Currently all that has been undone and the constitution has since unsuspended.

2022 RLF-Greater Roscam war

The Defence Forces were called into active service on 17 February 2022 when the Roscam Liberation Front attacked the headquarters of the Roscamistan Volunteer Force. They defeated it a week later, dissolving the front.