Marshal of the Republic

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Marshal of the Republic
Marshal na Poblachta (Irish)
Flag of Roscamistan
Service branchArmy
AbbreviationMar of the Rep
Rankgeneral officer
NATO rank codeOF-10
Non-NATO rankMarshal of the Socialist Republic
Formation13 November 2021
Next higher rankNone
Next lower rankGeneral
Equivalent ranksFleet Admiral of the Republic

The Marshal of the Republic is the highest rank in the National Army of Roscamistan and is only given to the most experienced military officers. The rank was bestowed by Doros Patusky to Thomas Jacobs on 13 November 2021 as he fitted the requirements and is equivalent to a five-star general in the United States and a Field Marshal in the United Kingdom.


The rank was created when Doros Patusky was continuing his reforms of the Roscamistan Defence Forces in late 2021. He began to create a draft of ranks, which at first was rejected by President Thomas Jacobs. Eventually with Jacobs’s help, Flannery devised a system of ranks similar to the United Kingdom’s armed forces.

Originally the rank of Marshal of the Republic was meant to be a six-star rank, with it being higher than a proposed five-star rank of Field Marshal. Flannery eliminated the rank of Field Marshal, and proposed to make the rank of Marshal of the Republic an honourary one. President Jacobs then made the rank an active one rather than honourary.


A Marshal of the Republic can command a maximum of half of the active army soldiers and a minimum of a quarter of the active army. They also hold precedence over all other military officers other than the Chief of the Defence Staff and the Commander in Chief (though if they are the Commander in Chief they hold precedence over all, regardless of rank.)


The position is one of a few officers that cannot be appointed at the will of the Commander-in-Chief, the person who wishes to be promoted as to follow a set of requirements, which are:

  • Must be a full General to be promoted.
  • Must have been engaged in 3 battles or wars at least.
  • Be of the Catholic faith as required by the constitution
  • Not be in any hostile militaries.
  • Not be a marshal in any other hostile militaries.

On 9 March 2022 it was announced by President Thomas Jacobs that the requirement to not be in any other paramilitaries other than the Roscam Liberation Front was to be abolished, and all future paramilitaries to forcibly to incorporated into the Roscamistan Defence Forces or dissolved, as paramilitaries are banned by the Government.

People promoted to the rank

No. Portrait Name Life Service Notes
Thomas Jacobs 2008 – present 13 November 2021 – present Originally served held the rank of General as Commander-in-Chief, though was not required to. Stayed the only General even when James Irwin was President of Roscamistan from 18 May 2021 to 23 June 2021. Remained at same rank until 13 November 2021, when he was appointed Marshal of the Republic on recommendation of Doros Patusky, himself a Colonel.