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Province of Motofia
Overseas Province of Roscamistan
Flag of Province of Motofia
For God, Motofia and Roscamistan
Sovereign State Roscamistan
TypeProvince with presidential system devolution
Established17 February 2022
 • GovernorAidan McGrath (last)
 • Total5 km2 (2 sq mi)
 • Total3
Time zoneUTC+8:00 (UTC)

The Province of Motofia was a provinces of Roscamistan and an overseas province located in the Philippines. It was founded on 17 February 2022 by Thomas Jacobs, and invited his friend, John Fenandez to become the first Governor of the province. Motofia was one of two pieces of Roscami land outside of Ireland that was a full province, the other being Audoù-an-Arvor in France, another piece of land outside of the Mainland, the Agadir Dependency, being a overseas dependency.

The province was dissolved in late June 2023 after Roscamistan federated.


The province was founded on 17 February 2022, when John Fenandez, an old online friend of Thomas Jacobs’s was invited to join Roscamistan. He accepted, with a new province, called Nay-Jerm-Vea created. Da Remington became the Governor of Nay-Jerm-Vea.

On 22 February 2022, in response to da Remington’s offer of creating a new micronation called Motofia, Thomas Jacobs gave the province autonomy, keeping da Remington as Governor, and now Chief Minister. Jacobs also renamed the province Motofia.

The office of Chief Minister was abolished in April 2022, and the establishment of an executive Governorship. An election for the Governor was held on 14 May 2022, which was won unopposed by Sean Dunkerque, who was in office from 14 May to 13 July 2022 when he left the province in favour of joining Connemara. John Fenandez was reappointed Governor.

Government and politics

The province was formerly a Republican Bloc stronghold, with all citizens in the province being members of the party. The Government was led by Aidan McGrath. The province was also heavy Pro-Thomas Jacobs.


The provincial force in Motofia was the Motofian Defence Force, led by the Governor as its commander.