Governor of Motofia

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Governor of Motofia
Rialtóir na Motofia (Irish)
Flag of Motofia
Aidan McGrath (interim)

since 31 December 2022
Executive Council of Motofia
StyleThe Most Excellent (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
StatusHead of State
Head of Government
Provincial Militia Commander
Member ofExecutive Council
Motofian Defence Force
ResidenceMotofian House
NominatorSelf or third party
AppointerDirect election
Term lengthThree months
Inaugural holderJohn Fenandez
DeputyLieutenant Governor of Motofia

The Governor of Motofia is the head of state and government of the overseas Province of Motofia. When the province was created on 17 February 2022, Thomas Jacobs appointed an old online friend, John Fenandez to become the first Governor of the province, and since the province was not given devolution, the Governor of Motofia was a more active role as opposed to his counterpart in Mervustan. When devolution was given, the Governor became a ceremonial position, and when the position of Chief Minister of Motofia was abolished, the Governor became an elected powerful position.


The position of Governor (then called Administrative Officer) was created on 17 February 2022, when the Province of Motofia (then known as Nay-jerm-vea) was created. John Fenandez, a long-time online friend of Thomas Jacobs, became the first Governor of the province. On 22 February 2022, after da Remington made comments saying he would secede, Jacobs created the position of Chief Minister of Motofia, and renamed the province to Motofia, an old Minecraft “clan” of Fenandez.


The Governor is the chief executive of the province, and as such is considered the most important official within Motofia. The Governor is also leader of the Executive Council of Motofia, and is responsible for the promulgation of all provincial laws, and the Commander of the Motofian Defence Force, the provincial army unit within the province.

List of governors

No. Picture Name Political Party Term begin Term end
1 John Fenandez
(Born 23 August 2007)
United 17 February 2022 14 May 2022
2 Ali Farrokhzad
(Born 3 July 2007)
14 May 2022 13 July 2022
3 John Fenandez
(Born 23 August 2007)
Republican Bloc 13 July 2022 31 December 2022
4 Aidan McGrath
(Born 2003)
Independent 31 December 2022 Incumbent