Vice President of Roscamistan

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Vice President of the Republic of Roscamistan
Leas-Uachtarán an Poblacht na Roscaoinistan  (Irish)
Flag of the Vice President of Roscamistan
Roscamistan thing.svg
Coat of Arms of Roscamistan
Matthew Williams 2022 Portrait clear background.png
Matthew Williams

since 11 May 2022
Senate of Roscamistan
Cabinet of Roscamistan
StyleMr. Vice-President (informal) His Excellency The Most Honourable (formal and diplomatic)
StatusDeputy head of state
Deputy head of government
Member ofCabinet
Council of State
Defence Staff
NominatorBy presidential candidates
AppointerDirect election on a joint ticket with the President
Term length1 year
Inaugural holderCulann Burke
SuccessionFirst Secretary of State

The Vice President, officially the Vice President of the Republic of Roscamistan, is the deputy head of state and government of the Republic of Roscamistan. The position was created along with the Presidency of Roscamistan on 18 February 2021, when the state was founded. It is one of the Great Offices of State of Roscamistan.


The Vice President is directly elected on a joint-ticket along with the President in a presidential election. The Vice President can be of the same or different party than the President, or not have a party at all as most Vice Presidents didn’t have a political party affiliation.


The Vice President is the deputy to the President. Though the office on its own is not one of major constitutional power, normally a Vice President is given a department to run as well as the Vice Presidency.

In the legislative branch of government, the Vice President serves ex officio as the President of the Senate, the presiding officer. The Vice President is not responsible to the Senate, though the Deputy President of the Senate, elected by fellow senators, is, and acts for the President of the Senate on most occasions.

The Vice President is first in the presidential line of succession, replacing the President in case of death, resignation, impeachment or permanent incapacitation.

Succession to the presidency

If the President is mentally unstable, dead, impeached, has resigned or declared incapacitated by the Council of State, then the Vice President succeeds to the Presidency and fills the rest of the term of the President.

If the President is on foreign trips, on holidays, outside of Roscamistan or is in international meetings, then the Vice President becomes acting President until the President can exercise the powers of the Presidency again.

List of vice presidents

There have been a total eight Vice Presidents with four individuals holding the office and two of them having served on non-consecutive tenure. The first Vice President was Culann Burke, with the current office-holder being Matthew Williams since 11 May 2022.

# Portrait Vice President
Term of office Political party President
1 VP Culann.jpg Culann Burke
(born 27 March 2008)
18 February 2021 18 May 2021 89 days Independent Andrew Brotherton
2 Kayden Conboy in 2022.jpeg Kayden Conboy
(born 9 September 2008)
18 May 2021 23 June 2021 36 days James Irwin
Andrew Brotherton served as co-Vice President of Roscamistan between 8 and 20 June 2021 alongside Kayden Conboy.
3 Coat of Arms of Greater Roscam.png Andrew Brotherton
(born 3 February 2008)
8 June 2021 20 June 2021 12 days Freedom Party
4 VP Culann.jpg Culann Burke
(born 27 March 2008)
23 June 2021 18 November 2021 148 days Independent Andrew Brotherton
5 Adam Flannery .jpg Adam Flannery
(born 15 August 2008)
22 November 2021 19 March 2022 119 days United Party
19 March 2022 21 March 2022 Culann Burke
6 Coat of Arms of Greater Roscam.png Andrew Brotherton
(born 3 February 2008)
21 March 2022 26 March 2022 51 days
26 March 2022 8 April 2022 Jan Kotonski
8 April 2022 11 May 2022 Adam Flannery
7 Matthew Williams 2022 Portrait clear background.png
Matthew Williams
Sean Dunkerque

(born 1 August 2008)
(born 3 July 2007
11 May 2022 21 May 2022 (Dunkerque)
Incumbent (Williams)
51 days Republican Bloc Andrew Brotherton


  • Oldest Vice President at time of assumption of office: Sean Dunkerque at 14 years, 312 days.
  • Youngest Vice President at time of assumption of office: Kayden Conboy at 12 years, 251 days.
  • First Vice President: Culann Burke.
  • First person to serve as Vice President in two non-consecutive terms: Culann Burke.
  • First person to have served as Vice President then as President: Adam Flannery
  • First partisan Vice President: Andrew Brotherton
  • Shortest Vice Presidency: Sean Dunkerque at 10 days.