Defence Staff (Roscamistan)

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High Command
Logo of the Defence Staff of Roscamistan.png
Agency overview
Formed1 May 2021
TypeMilitary High Command
JurisdictionNational Armed Forces of Roscamistan
Headquarters Galway City
Annual budget€7.90
Agency executives
Parent departmentMinistry of Defence

The Defence Staff is the supreme military council in peace and war time in Roscamistan and is headed by the Chief of the Defence Staff, the highest military position in the Ministry of Defence, deputised by the Vice-Chief, and the members of the Defence Staff. It was founded on 1 May 2021 when Thomas Jacobs made James Irwin the first chief of the Defence Staff. The Defence Staff was left without a chief from 18 May 2021 to 10 October 2021 until Ludwig Collins was appointed the Chief of the Defence Staff. He remained in this position until 30 December 2021, he was removed by Adam Flannery using the powers of the Senatus Paramount Ultimatum as Emergency Dictator. Flannery later assumed the Chief of the Defence Staff.

Collins was later re-appointed on 17 March 2022, and became the Chairman of the High Command after the renaming of the Defence Staff. This change was reverted on the 14th of February 2023.


The Defence Staff acts as the supreme military council, led by the Chief of the Defence Staff, who is appointed by the President of Roscamistan. The Defence Staff provides the final decision on military matters, with a veto granted to the President of the Republic.


The Chief of the Defence Staff serves as presiding officer of the body, and is appointed by the President of the Republic. His role is be professional military head of the armed forces, serve as an advisor to both the President and the Secretary of State for Defence. During vacancies in the office, the President appoints the vice-chief of the defence staff as the acting chief. If both offices are vacant, the President presides over the Defence Staff.


Rank Role Name Since
1st President Thomas Jacobs 11 May 2022
2nd Chief Vacant 11 February 2023
3rd Vice President Luke Iwasaki 11 February 2023
4th Vice-Chief Vacant 15 February 2023
5th Secretary of State for Defence Vacant 15 February 2023