Ministry of Defence (Roscamistan)

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Ministry of Defence
Aireacht Cosanta (Irish)
Logo of the Ministry of Defence
Agency overview
FormedApril 2021
Preceding Agency
  • N/A
TypeDefence ministry
JurisdictionGovernment of Roscamistan
Headquarters Galway City
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
  • Minister of State for Veteran Affairs
Agency executives
Parent AgencyCabinet

The Ministry of Defence is a cabinet-level agency of the Government of Roscamistan, that is assigned matters relating to civil and military defence. It is lead by its senior minister, the Secretary of State for Defence, who is responsible to the President of the Federation.


The ministry is headed by the Secretary of State for Defence, assisted by a few sub-agencies. The Office of Veteran Affairs manages the relationship between the Government and former members of the Armed Forces. The Office of Civil Defence is responsible for protecting Roscami civilians in the case of natural or man-made disasters, and is headed by the Director of Civil Defence. The Defence Staff, which serves as the military high command, is a division of the Ministry of Defence, and is led by the chief of the Defence Staff.

Defence Staff

As the military high command, the Defence Staff is the supreme decision-making body of the armed forces, and is responsible for the polices in the military side of the ministry of defence. The Defence Staff’s members are either ex officio or appointed. The ex officio members are the President, Vice President, Defence Secretary, the Commanders of the five armed forces branches, and the appointed members are the Chief and the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff and 3 other members, appointed at the Commander-in-Chief’s discretion.

Civil Defence

The Office of Civil Defence is an agency responsible for the protection of civilians in the case of extreme weather and man-made or natural disasters. The agency is led by the Director, currently Connor Barrows since 30 October 2022.


  1. The true number of employees has not been calculated due to poor record keeping