Council of State (Roscamistan)

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Council of State
Comhairle Stát (Irish)
Coat of arms of the Federation
Agency overview
Formed18 February 2021
TypeNon-binding advisory body
Jurisdiction Roscamistan
Headquarters Galway City
Agency executives
Parent departmentPresidency of Roscamistan

The Council of State, officially the Council of State of the Roscami Federation, is the highest constitutional body in Roscamistan, acting as an advisory committee to the President of the Federation in matters concerning the state. It is also responsible for ensuring the integrity of the Constitution.

The Council of State is nominally ranked as the highest agency of the Roscami Federation, before the Federal Cabinet. The Council of State is composed of members from the branches of government, military and other sectors of society.


The Council of State was founded on 18 February 2021, originally as an advisory body to the President.


The Council of State is responsible for advising the President on ceremonial issues, unlike the Cabinet, which advises him in his executive duties, and for nominating members of the courts.


Councillors are classified in two categories. Extraordinary councillors are members who hold a seat in the council by another role they hold, and ordinary members, who are appointed by the President at his grace.