Council of State (Roscamistan)

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Council of State
Comhairle Stát  (Irish)
Council overview
Formed18 February 2021
Preceding Council
  • N/A
TypeNon-binding advisory body
HeadquartersGreater Roscam
Annual budget€7.90
Council executives
Parent departmentPresidency of Roscamistan

The Council of State, officially the Council of State of the Republic of Roscamistan, is the highest constitutional body in Roscamistan, acting as an advisory committee to the President of the Republic in matters concerning the state. The Council of State is de jure more powerful than the Cabinet of Roscamistan, in reality the Cabinet is more powerful, as it is the chief executive body, to the President.


The Council of State was founded on 18 February 2022, originally as an advisory body to the President.


The Council of State has two primary functions. To act as the advisory to the President as head of state, and as a forum to the Governors of the provinces and overseas territories.

Advisory body

As the chief advice body in regards to state matters, the Council advises the President in regards to non-political matters affecting the population.

Governor forum

The Council’s provincial operation, the Governor Forum, is the body composed of the President, Vice President and the Provincial Governors. The Forum meets when a majority of governors raise a particular issue.