Supreme Court of Roscamistan

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Supreme Court of Roscamistan
Coat of arms of Roscamistan
Established10 January 2022
Location Galway City
Composition methodAppointment by the President on nomination and confirmation of the National Congress
Authorized byConstitution of Roscamistan
Judge term length1 year
Number of positionsChief Justice
4 Associate Justices
Chief Justice
CurrentlyJoseph Montgomery
Since17 April 2023
Deputy Chief Justice
CurrentlyNyck Bradaten
Since14 February 2023

The Supreme Court of Roscamistan is the highest court within the judicial branch of the Government of Roscamistan, the final court of appeal and the constitutional court. The Supreme Court was created on 10 January 2022, and is composed of the Chief Justice and the four associate justices. It is also the highest court of appeal and of constitutional law, and strikes down any unconstitutional legislation proposed by the National Congress.


The Supreme Court is the highest court of the judiciary, and as such its rulings are considered final and unappealable by any other court other than itself. The Chief Justice serves as the head of the judicial branch, and is granted the subsidiary title of President of the Supreme Court.

Once in office, the Chief Justice and associate justices cannot be removed by the executive branch unless the Chief Justice and associates are impeached, resign, die or get suspended from office by the legislature.


The Supreme Court is composed of five members, one of whom is the Chief Justice.

Supreme Court Justices
Position Name Assumed
Chief Justice Joseph Montgomery 17 April 2023
Deputy Chief Justice Nyck Bradaten 14 February 2023
Associate Justice Marco Hasse 4 February 2023
Henry Franklin 11 February 2023
Falcone de Los Santos 21 January 2023