Roscami Scotland

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Roscami Scotland
Roscami Sovereign Military Base in Alba
A picture of the fort
A picture of the fort
Flag of Roscami Scotland
Sovereign state Roscamistan
TypeMilitary administered sovereign base
Established27 July 2022
Founded byThomas Jacobs
Fraser MacAoidh
 • Commander-in-ChiefThomas Jacobs
 • AdministratorFraser MacAoidh
 • Total1
Time zoneGMT

Roscami Scotland, officially known as the Roscami Sovereign Military Base in Alba, is a military administered overseas territory of Roscamistan, and is led by the Administrator Fraser MacAoidh, a Scottish micronationalist who once used the fort on the grounds of the territory. It was formed on 27 July 2022, after Fraser MacAoidh and Thomas Jacobs agreed to the creation of Roscami Scotland.


The territory was formed on 27 July 2022, after President Thomas Jacobs and Fraser MacAoidh, a Scottish micronationlist agreed to create the territory to act as a sovereign military base.

Government and politics

The government of Roscami Scotland is a stratocratic one in nature, with the President acting as head of state in his capacity of Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces. The Administrator, who acts as governing leader, is normally a military officer or is appointed one after he becomes the Administrator. The Administrator is responsible for the upkeep of the territory, and reports to the Commander-in-Chief.