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A Governor is the head of the executive of a provincial government in Roscamistan, the provinces being the highest sub-division in the federation. Governors are elected by citizens of the provinces. Governors are also heads of their provincial militias.


In September 2021, the title of Administrative Officer was created. Mervustan became the first province to receive one, who would supervise the activities in the province. Other provinces gained administrative officers, as more provincial administration was created. In March 2022, the titles were changed to Governor, beginning the modern history of the provincial administrations.

On 25 April 2022, the Lieutenant Governors Act was promulgated by the Vice President, Thomas Jacobs in the name of President Doros Patusky, creating the office of Lieutenant Governor and the option to have presidential system devolution in a province as opposed to the parliamentary system in use for the devolved governments. The Provinces of Mervustan and Greater Roscam immediately became provinces where the possibility of presidential devolution was proposed, with the idea of a referendum given to Mervustan.


Governors are invested with a set of executive, military and legislative powers. Governors are responsible for the appointment and maintenance of the Executive Council, the administrative authority of their province. They also are responsible for signing or vetoing laws passed by their Legislative Assembly.

Governors are also heads of the militias of their provinces.


The elections for Governors are done by first past the post. In all provinces, a Lieutenant Governor is elected alongside the Governor. Governor terms are 3 months long.

Current governors

Province Name Assumed office Party

Greater Roscam
Joseph Montgomery 27 January 2023 National Catholic League

Matthew Tonna 25 July 2022 National Salazarist Front

Nyck Bradaten 28 February 2023 Serious Action Party

Galway City
Marco Hasse 9 March 2023 National Catholic League

Current provincial cabinets

Province Governor Cabinet Formed Days and years
 Mervustan Matthew Tonna Tonna II 25 July 2022 1 year, 122 days
 Greater Roscam Joseph Montgomery Montgomery I 27 January 2023 301 days
 Galway City Marco Hasse Hasse I 9 March 2023 260 days
 Oranmore Nyck Bradaten Bradaten I 28 February 2023 269 days