Ballinfoylish Syndicalist Front

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Ballinfoylish Syndicalist Front
Aghaidh Shindiciúil Bhaile an Phoill (Irish)
Revolutionary Socialism
Political positionFar-left
Motive(s)Overthrowing the Government of Ballinfoyleburg and establishing an extreme socialist society in Galway City.
Allegiance Soviet Union (claimed)
LeaderCollective leadership
Area of operationsWilliamsberg and Neu Königsberg, Ballinfoyleburg
AlliesRoscam Liberation Front
Opponent(s) Ballinfoyleburg
w:Republic of Ireland Galway City Council
Ballinfoyleburg Blueshirt volunteers
Province of Mervustan Mervustan Militia
Roscamistan Roscamistan Volunteer Force
Battles and war(s)Syndicalist War against Galway Sector
2022 RLF-Greater Roscam war
Designated as a terrorist organisation by

The Ballinfoylish Syndicalist Front (In old Ballinfoylish spelling Ballinfoyli Syndicalist Front) more commonly known as the BSF was a far-left terrorist organisation that operated in the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg. The group declared allegiance to the former USSR. The BSF was also an enemy of the Roscami Federation, planning attacks onto the Roscami Province of Mervustan, possibly on the Mervustan Militia, the provincial force founded by Adam Flannery. The BSF was lead by a group of unknown Syndicalist revolutionaries as part of a collective leadership system.

On 2 March 2022, the BSF was officially disbanded after suffering massive casualties fighting theWehrmacht (Ballinfoyleburg) and the Blueshirt Volunteers. Almost a year later in February 2023, the BSF received a formal apology from the Government of Ballinfoyleburg.