Roscamistan Volunteer Force

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Roscamistan Volunteer Force
Established August 2021
Disestablished 2 April 2022
Country Republic of Roscamistan
Service Branches  • Ground Forces
 • Naval Forces
 • Air Forces
Previous engagements Aftermath of Facist Coup
Patrols at Ballinfoylish-Roscami borders
2022 RLF-Greater Roscam war
Current engagements None
Commander Thomas Jacobs (last)
Lieutenant Commander Vacant
General information
Active personal 0 (max. 6)

The Roscamistan Volunteer Force was the provincial militia of the Province of Greater Roscam from August 2021 to 2 April 2022. It was under control of the Governor of Greater Roscam, who is the Commander of the Force. It was overlooked by the Ministry of Defence and Chief of the Defence Staff.


The Force was created in July 2021, after the return of Thomas Jacobs as a militia of the Roscamistan Army, it went inactive in August 2021 and was made active again in October 2021. The Prime Minister of Greater Roscam became the Commander of the force in late November 2021 when devolution was given to Greater Roscam. On 28 March 2022, the Governor of Greater Roscam became Commander of the Force, removing said responsibility from the provincial Prime Minister.

On 2 April 2022, Thomas Jacobs, in his capacity as Prime Minister of Greater Roscam, dissolved the Force, and replaced it with the Greater Roscam Army.


The Force was governed by the Commander, ex officio the Governor of Greater Roscam. The day to day running was helped by the Lieutenant Commander, ex officio the Prime Minister of Greater Roscam. The Commander gave orders to the lower officers who gave orders to the enlisted ranks. Like the Mervustan Militia, whose commander is the Governor of Mervustan, the Governor of Greater Roscam was the commanding officer of the RVF, with the Prime Minister of Greater Roscam as his lieutenant.