Roscam bush war

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Roscam bush war
Part of Dispute over the Roscam Liberation Front and the Syndicalist War
Date17 - 24 February 2022

National Government win

  • Roscamistan Volunteer Force
  • Ironfist Regiment
  • Republic of Ballinfoyleburg
  • Roscam Liberation Front
  • Protection Squad
  • Ballinfoyli Syndicalist Front
  • Commanders and leaders
  • Roscamistan Thomas Jacobs
  • Ballinfoyleburg Ludwig Collins
  • Strength
    10 (RLF and its allies) 6 (RVF) 4 (Ironfist Regiment) 1 (Ballinfoylish forces)

    The Roscam bush war[a] was a conflict that occurred in the Province of Greater Roscam between the paramilitary Roscam Liberation Front and its allies, and the Roscamistan Volunteer Force, the group that previously protected it. The President of Roscamistan Thomas Jacobs announced that he was going to “exterminate the RLF once and for all”.

    The Wehrmacht of Ballinfoyleburg aided the Roscami Government, attacking the Ballinfoyli Syndicalist Front. On 24 February 2022 the war was declared over by President Thomas Jacobs in Roscamistan and by President Ludwig Collins in Ballinfoyleburg that same day. The RLF was disbanded, and absorbed into the Armed Forces. The BSF was disestablished by order of the Wehrmacht.


    The war began on 17 February 2022 when the Roscam Liberation Front went rogue against its supreme commander, Thomas Jacobs and attacked the Roscamistan Volunteer Force military base. The Greater Roscam Government, who was protecting the paramilitary front from the Central Government reacted angrily. The Central Government sent to the Ironfist Regiment as reinforcements for the RVF.

    On the 18th , as the presidential election was under way, the RLF attacked the RVF in an ambush, taking most of their supplies but killed no one. On the 19th, the RLF high command sacked Thomas Jacobs as its supreme commander, and created a collective leadership under Commander "Leopold". The Ballinfoylish Syndicalist Front (BSF) joined in on the side of the RLF, heightening tensions. The Ballinfoylish government would promptly join on the side of the Roscamis, having already dealt with the BSF in the concurrent Syndicalist War

    On the 24th, the RLF and BSF collapsed under the onslaught of the combined forces of the Ballinfoylish and Roscami armies. Both organisations were dissolved, with the RLF rebels exiled. The identities of the BSF fighters were never released nor found.


    1. Also referred to as the 2022 RLF-Greater Roscam war