Government of Ballinfoyleburg

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Federal Government of Ballinfoyleburg

Rialtas Ballinfoyleburg (Irish)
Coat of Arms of Ballinfoyleburg
Polity typeFederal Catholic presidential republic
ConstitutionConstitution of Ballinfoyleburg
FormationDecember 18, 2021; 23 months ago (2021-12-18)
Legislative branch
NameFederal Assembly
Meeting place Neu Königsberg
Presiding officerThomas Jacobs, Speaker
Executive branch
Head of State and Government
TitlePresident of the Commonwealth
CurrentlyLudwig Collins
AppointerDirect election
NameCouncil of Ministers
Current cabinetCollins II
Headquarters Neu Königsberg
Judicial branch
Supreme Federal Court
Chief judgeChief Justice (Thomas Jacobs)
Seat North Galway

The Government of Ballinfoyleburg, officially known as the Federal Government of the Commonwealth, is the central government of the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg. The Government is the central authority of the nation, and derives its power and existence from the states of Ballinfoyleburg, each of which have their own government. The government was formed on 18 December 2021, in the now defunct Republic of Ballinfoyleburg. The republic’s government was supreme, in the unitary structure of the Republic. After the transition to the Commonwealth, the Government temporarily disestablished itself to form a Provisional Ruling Council, which formed the new Federal Government.