President of Ballinfoyleburg

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President of the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg
Seal of the Commonwealth
Standard of the President of the Commonwealth
Ludwig Collins

since 1 June 2022
Executive branch of the Federal Government
StyleMr President (informal)
Comrade (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
StatusHead of State
Head of Government
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
NominatorSelf or by party
AppointerDirect election
Term length1 year (renewable)
Inaugural holderSean Mulryan
DeputyVice President of the Commonwealth

The President or the President of the Commonwealth, officially the President of the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg (POTCOB), is the head of state and government of the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg. The President heads the executive branch of the Government of Ballinfoyleburg. The President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the People's Defence Forces. The President is elected by the people for a 1-year term, which is renewable. When in office, the president is also the Chairman of Fatherland Front.


The office of President of Ballinfoyleburg was created when the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg was declared on 18 December 2021, 10 months exactly after Roscamistan was declared independent. Until Adam Flannery found out about, it was smooth sailing until 30 December 2021.

30 December 2021 crisis

In the December crisis, Adam Flannery, Vice President and Paramount Leader of Roscamistan was given dictator-like powers to stop the threat of war with the new Republic of Ballinfoyleburg. Adam and President Thomas Jacobs of Roscamistan found out through screenshots of the MicroWiki page for Ballinfoyleburg, that Terryland Region, a part of Mervustan province, was annexed as the Provinces of New Paris and New Berlin. Adam expelled Ludwig Collins, Vice President of Ballinfoyleburg, from his Roscamistan positions because of the annexations. Eventually however war was prevented when Ballinfoyleburg was allowed to exist, albeit without the Terryland provinces (keeping Ballinfoyle). Roscamistan got the Terryland bit of Mervustan back and a permanent diplomatic council was created to prevent any wars in future between the two sides.

12 January 2022 appointment

On 12 January, President Sean Mulryan got COVID-19 and began to suffering chest pains. Ludwig Collins, the Vice President, became Acting President until he got better.

Resignation of Sean Mulryan

On 13 January 2022, Sean Mulryan resigned from the Presidency as he found it too stressful. Ludwig Collins became Acting President until an election could be held. The time of Collinite dominance or the Collinite Era had begun, solidifying his de facto rule since 18 December 2021 when he was Commander-in-Chief of the People's Defence Forces and Vice President of Ballinfoyleburg.

2022 presidential election

On 9 March 2022, it was announced by Ludwig Collins that an election for president was to happen on 23 March 2022. After the election finished on 24 March 2022, it was announced that Thomas Jacobs of the Socialist Party had won the election with 57.1% of the vote.

Transition to the Commonwealth

On 30 May 2022, the Provisional Ruling Council disestablished the Most Honourable Republic of Ballinfoyleburg, and established the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg. The Presidency was vacated, and its power was assumed by the Chairman of the Ruling Council. On 1 June the Chairman of the Ruling Council placed former Chancellor Ludwig Collins to become Acting President of the Commonwealth at 12:00 GMT.

One-party era

On the 20 February 2023, Fatherland Front became the sole ruling party of Ballinfoyleburg, and the offices of President and Chairman of Fatherland Front became one.

Powers and responsibilities

Commonwealth age

As the chief executive in the Federal Government, the President is entrusted with the management and coordination of the Council of Ministers. He may wish to create or abolish ministries and other agencies as seen fit, though needing approval from the Federal Assembly.

Semi-presidential republic

During the semi-presidential republic, the President was a weaker executive head of state, with the Chancellor of the Republic as head of government. The President was designated the more powerful of the two executives, though only nominally due to the influence of Chancellor Ludwig Collins, as under him the Chancellor took most executive actions.

Presidential republic

The president in the early presidential republic was a de facto weak office when it was held by Sean Mulryan. After Ludwig Collins ascended to the Presidency, him and the Fatherland Front were the supreme authority of the Republic.

List of presidents of Ballinfoyleburg

Name Portrait Term of office Political party

(color denotes faction)

Vice President
1 Sean Mulryan 18 December 2021 13 January 2022 26 days Socialist Ludwig Collins
2 Ludwig Collins 13 January 2022 27 March 2022 73 days Fatherland Front Jan Kotoński
3 Thomas Jacobs 27 March 2022 30 May 2022 64 days Ballinfoyleburg First
4 Ludwig Collins 1 June 2022 Incumbent 1 year, 115 days Fatherland Front Thomas Jacobs
May Collins