Ivan Ryan

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Ivan Ryan
1st President of Ballinfoyleburg
In office
18 December 2021 – 13 January 2022
Vice PresidentLudwig Collins
Preceded byoffice established
Succeeded byLudwig Collins
1st Chief Justice of Ballinfoyleburg
In office
20 January 2022 – 28 February 2022
PresidentLudwig Collins
Preceded byoffice established
Succeeded byThomas Jacobs
2nd Second Secretary of State of Roscamistan
In office
8 February 2022 – 28 February 2022
PresidentThomas Jacobs
Preceded byCulann Burke
Succeeded byNyck Bradaten
1st Paramount Justice of East Galway
In office
20 January 2022 – 28 February 2022
PremierJan Kotoński
Preceded byoffice established
Succeeded byThomas Jacobs
3rd Minister of Internet Affairs
In office
9 May 2022 – 19 June 2022
PresidentAdam Flannery
Thomas Jacobs
Preceded byThomas Jacobs
Succeeded byMay Collins
Personal details
Sean Christopher Mulryan

17 October 2008 (2008-10-17) (age 14)
Citizenship Ballinfoyleburg
 East Galway
Political partyFatherland Front (Ballinfoyleburg) (2022-present)
Other political
Old Socialist Party of Ballinfoyleburg (2021-2022)
East Galway Workers’ Party (2022)
ResidenceGalway City
Military service
Allegiance Ballinfoyleburg
Years of service2021 - 2022
RankLieutenant General
UnitBlueshirt Volunteers

Ivan Ryan is a semi-active Irish micronationalist, who is the co-founder of Ballinfoyleburg along with Ludwig Collins. Ryan was the first President of Ballinfoyleburg, serving from 18 December 2021 to 13 January 2022. Ryan also served as the chief judge in East Galway and Ballinfoyleburg from 20 January 2022 to 28 February 2022. Ryan is now retired, and says it was a “mistake” to found Ballinfoyleburg, though is supportive of Ludwig Collins continuing the nation.

Micronational life


Mulryan, along with long-time friend Ludwig Collins, who was already involved in Roscamistan, decided on 18 December 2021, to found Ballinfoyleburg, a nation made up on the housing estate known as Ballinfoyle. Mulryan became the first head of state and government as the President of Ballinfoyleburg, and Collins became the Vice President of Ballinfoyleburg. After consultation by Collins to Thomas Jacobs, Ballinfoyleburg was allowed to exist.

On 30 December 2021, after screenshots showed that Ballinfoyleburg had annexed the Terryland Region of Mervustan, a province of Roscamistan, Adam Flannery, Vice President of Roscamistan, passed a bill through the cabinet, by virtue of the Paramount Leadership, he became the most powerful person in the state. Flannery used his powers to expel Ludwig Collins, the Vice President of Ballinfoyleburg and Commander-in-Chief of the Wehrmacht of Ballinfoyleburg, from Roscamistan. War was also put on high alert, as Thomas Jacobs contemplated whether to attack the nation he had only recognised 12 days prior or not.

By 2 January 2022, the Terryland Region was returned to Roscamistan, and Ballinfoyleburg was in return allowed to exist, albeit with some influence of Adam Flannery over the Wehrmacht. Mulryan continued as President with Collins as his deputy.

Resignation crisis

On 12 January 2022, Mulryan started to have chest pains, and subsequently Collins was appointed Acting President. On 13 January 2022, Mulryan resigned as President, and caused a crisis. After the resignation of Mulryan, Ludwig Collins became President.

Mulryan as Chief Justice and retirement

On 20 January 2022, Mulryan became Chief Justice, and also Paramount Justice of East Galway. After Mulryan’s retirement, he vacated his last positions.