Chief Justice of Ballinfoyleburg

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Chief Justice of the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg
Flag of Ballinfoyleburg
Federal Supreme Court
Judicial branch of the Federal Government
StyleThe Honourable Justice (formal)
His Honour (in Court)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
AppointerPresident of Ballinfoyleburg on advice and consent of the Federal Assembly
Term length1 Year
Inaugural holderSean Mulryan

The Chief Justice of Ballinfoyleburg is the head of the judicial branch of the federal government of Ballinfoyleburg and head member of the Supreme Court.

Sean Mulryan, former President of Ballinfoyleburg, became the first Chief Justice of Ballinfoyleburg on 20 January 2022 on appointment by Ludwig Collins. He resigned on 28 February 2022 after he retired. On 28 April 2022, Thomas Jacobs was appointed by himself to be Chief Justice in absence of the now defunct National Assembly.

List of chief justices

No. Picture Name Political Party Term begin Term end
1 Sean Mulryan
(born 17 October 2008)
Old Socialist Party 20 January 2022 28 February 2022
2 Thomas Jacobs
(born 3 February 2008)
Ballinfoyleburg First 28 April 2022 1 February 2023