Ballinfoyleburg First

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Ballinfoyleburg First
Ballinfoyleburg Chead (Irish)
ChairmanThomas Jacobs
Founded20 December 2021 (As Old Socialist Party)
10 March 2022 (As Ballinfoyleburg First)
Dissolved20 February 2023
Succeeded byBallinfoylish Radicalist Movement
Headquarters North Galway
Youth wingYoung BF
Membership (2022)5
IdeologyBallinfoylish nationalism
Catholic state
Strong presidency
North Galway regionalism
North Galway independence (disputed)
Political positionRight-wing to Far-right
National affiliationMajority Caucus
International affiliationBlue-Shirt International (observer)
SloganBallinfoyleburg First, Ballinfoyleburg Last, and Ballinfoyleburg over all
Federal Assembly
5 / 7
State Governorships
2 / 7
Party flag
BF propaganda, calling Fatherland Front a National Bolshevisk party.

Ballinfoyleburg First (Irish: Ballinfoyleburg Chead) originally known as the New Socialist Party or Socialist Party was a right-wing Catholic party in the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg, led by Thomas Jacobs. Originally known as the Socialist Party, the party has since shifted from its left wing views to a far right approach, opposing the socialist economics of Fatherland Front and the Blair Mountain Party and the and the pan-Galwegianism of the Galwegian Ergatist Party, and wished for a free market system in Ballinfoyleburg. The party was under the Chairman, Thomas Jacobs.


Balinfoyleburg First was founded on 20 December 2021, as the Old Socialist Party, led by Lieutenant General Sean Mulryan, the first President of Ballinfoyleburg. After the resignation of Mulryan from the Ballinfoylish presidency in the Flight of Mulryan, Fatherland Front took power under Ludwig Collins, having formed their own movement. The Socialist Party would then stay without a Chairman until 10 March 2022, when Thomas Jacobs became Chairman. Jacobs would sign up as a candidate for the 2022 Ballinfoyleburg presidential election soon after, and would win the election on 24 March, propelling the party back into executive power. After Jacobs was made President, his first reform was to change the presidential system in the country to a semi-presidential system, creating the Chancellorship. On the 29th of April, Thomas Jacobs proposed that Ballinfoyleburg First should merge with Fatherland Front to create a mixed socialist-capitalist unity party called Aontú Ballinfoyleburg. However, this did not go ahead. The the 20 February 2023, the party was dissolved.


Ballinfoyleburg First's ideology was primarily composed of national conservatism and theocratic distributism. It was also nationalist, and seeks to extend the nation's economy and international influence. The party had been called extremist by Fatherland Front for its loose use of the term "Far-right".