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Not to be confused with Galwegian nationalism.

Types of government specific to micronationalism
Ergatist propaganda created by Ali Farrokhzad, displaying support for a United Galway, under the slogan "Unite, No War, One Galway!"

Pan-Galwegianism is a political ideology formed by Ali Farrokhzad, which focuses primarily on uniting the Galway Sector, through cultural, social and economic measures. The ideology was espoused by the Galwegian Ergatist Party, which operated in the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg.

Pan-Galwegianism is opposed by Ballinfoylish president Ludwig Collins, as he has deemed it against the interests of Ballinfoylish nationalism, and has vowed to stop it at any cost. Roscami president Thomas Jacobs opposes the ideology on the basis that he does not represent the political landscape of the Galway Sector, and as such attempts to unite Galway would be futile.