Galway Sector

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Galway Sector
Burnt Flag of the Galway Sector of Micronations.jpg
General information
LocatedCounty Galway
Sector founded2022
Sector founded byRoscamistan
Nations in area5 active nations
Notable people in areaAndrew Brotherton
Matthew Williams
Jan Kotonski
Mateusz Krynicki

The Galway Sector (also known officially as the Galway Nations) is the term used since 2022 to describe the sector or “civilisation of micronations in County Galway [a] and Galway City. The term was first used on 12 January 2022 to describe the de facto paramountcy of Roscamistan over the Republic of Balinfoyleburg, East Galway Commune [b] and the Sepranan People’s Republic. On the same day as the founding of the Sector, the title of Great Chief in the Galway Sector, held ex officio by the Head of State of the most powerful nation in the sector at the time .[c] Currently the President of Roscamistan is the Great Chief in the Galway Sector.

All the nations in the sector are based or were started in County Galway or Galway City. All the nations in the sector were either founded, co-founded, or were influenced in some way by Andrew Brotherton. The Galway Sector in its current form in known micronations include:


Full members

Partial members

  • State of Mensenberg (February 2022 - present) (founded on 1 November 2021 as non-sector nation)


The Atillaterra-Roscami Confederation, a confederal union between the Republics of South Atillaterra and Roscamistan, had territory in Ireland but isn’t considered as part of the sector as it wasn’t exactly a country in its right. The State of Mensenberg, which has territory bordering Roscamistan, is considered a partial member of the Sector.


February 2021 to September 2021

The first known activity to date of micronational activity in Galway was the Republic of Roscamistan, co-founded by Andrew Brotherton and Culann Burke in Roscam, now the Region of Roscam, Greater Roscam Province. The nation was founded with the districts of Region, Dougiska, and Oranmore, covering that area in the east of Galway City. When Andrew Brotherton founded the nation, he didn’t know of the concept of Micronationalism then, he thought he was leading a new sovereign country, independent of the Republic of Ireland. It remained the only known nation in sector till September 2021.

September 2021

In September 2021, the East Galway Soviet was established at the first meeting of the People’s Assembly, with Jan Kotonski elected the first Chairman (now known as Premier), Andrew Brotherton was elected Vice-Chairman (now known as Vice-Premier), and Matthew Williams was elected General Secretary.

December 2021

On 18 December 2021, Matthew Williams, Chief of the Defence Staff and Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment and Ivan Ryan, his friend from school, founded the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg, in Ballinfoyle. At the time they did not know Balinfoyle was in the Province of Galway City, de jure capital of Roscamistan (it was founded in so called “enslaved territory” , territory in the borders not yet effectively controlled, and thus is still “enslaved” by the Irish State). Ryan became first President while Williams became first Vice President. On 30 December 2021, Adam Flannery, Vice President of Roscamistan and Paramount Leader responded to the threat of a new possibly anti Roscami nation on his nation’s doorstep, put through Parliament the Senatus Paramount Ultimatum, which passed by a 3/4 majority, and made Flannery effective dictator of Roscamistan, possessing more power than the de jure chief executive, Andrew Brotherton. He sacked Vice President Williams of Ballinfoyleburg from his Roscami positions. This was over the annexation of the Terryland Region, a part of the Province of Mervustan, as the Ba linfoyli provinces of New Paris and New Berlin. Eventually the threat of war died off, when the Roscami Government accepted the independence of Ballinfoyleburg, and the Ballinfoyli Government ceded the Terryland provinces’ territory back to Roscamistan in return for full independence. On 2 January 2022, a permanent diplomatic council was created between Roscamistan and Ballinfoyleburg to prevent wars and discuss differences between the two.

January 2022

On 10 January 2022, in reaction to the monarchy of the Dominion of Zeprana being restored after a successful republican government, Andrew Brotherton declared the Sepranan People’s Republic, with himself as Premier. It is now disaffiliated with Zeprana and is now a fully Irish nation with West Germanic influences.


  1. The area outside of Galway City is called County Galway, and is not Galway County or the County of Galway. All counties on the island of Ireland have County before the name of the county. Examples include County Galway, County Derry (known to Ulster Loyalists as County Londonderry and to Irish nationalists as County Derry) and County Dublin
  2. The East Galway Commune is technically an stateless communist society, but is still counted due to it being a nation without a state
  3. As the East Galway Commune is a nation without a state, if the Commune were to become the most powerful of the nations, the Premier of the East Galway Commune would be the Great Chief in the Galway Sector