Popular Revolutionary Monarchism

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Types of government specific to micronationalism

Popular Revolutionary Monarchism is a variant of monarchism that emerged in Pontunia during the early 21st century. It advocates for a Absolute Monarchy based on religious morals, who guides the people in the style of The Good Shepherd. It is similar broadly to most forms of Right Wing Populism, however, it differs through its strong support of Monarchy and using revolution to achieve its goals. The main slogan is "Everything for the people, nothing by the people".


Model Government under PRM

  • The world would be divided into small nation-states.
  • Nation-states would be unitary states, each led by an enlightened despot with morals deemed good by their religion and culture.
  • Industry will be run under a capitalist system, but with regulations against false advertising and monopolies, as well as high tariffs, low income taxes, and a publicly owned, state run, bank.
  • The criminal system is built on primarily making sure crime can not happen, with severe consequences and even the death penalty on some occasions.
  • There would be no private prisons, to prevent crime profiteering. All current private prisons would be dissolved and demolished.
  • Energy would be primarily fossil fuels and nuclear energy.