Fatherland Front (Ballinfoyleburg)

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Fatherland Front
Vaterländische Front (German)
AbbreviationFF (common)
VF (official)
ChairmanLudwig Collins
Vice-ChairwomanMay Collins
Founded13 January 2022 (as Fatherland Front)
Split fromOld Socialist Party
Preceded byLudwig Colllins Thought faction of the Old Socialist Party
Headquarters Neu Königsberg, Ballinfoyleburg
Youth wingYouth league of James Connolly
Armed wingPeople's Defence Forces
Paramilitary wingWorker's and Farmer's Armed Group
Student wingSecondary School Fatherland Front
Membership (2023)7
Libertarian socialism
Social Democracy
Ballinfoylish nationalism
Christian Socialism
Ludwig Collins Thought
Socialist patriotism
Pro-Nuclear Energy
Anti-British sentiment
Political positionCentre to Far-left
Colors  Red
SloganGlory to the workers of the Socialist Fatherland.
StatusRuling party of the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg
Federal Assembly
7 / 7
State Governorships
4 / 7
President of Ballinfoyleburg
1 / 1
Election symbol
Party flag

The Fatherland Front (abbr. FF) (German: Vaterländische Front, VF) was a left-wing socialist party in the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg, and the sole ruling party in the country[a]. It was founded on the 13 January 2022 in Neu Königsberg. The party was led by the Chairman of Fatherland Front, who was Ludwig Collins since the party’s foundation.

Connollyism-Toneism, a fusion of the original ideas of Irish rebel and politician Wolfe Tone, and Irish revolutionary socialist James Connolly, was the party's guiding ideology.

The four most important contributors to the ideology of Fatherland Front (top-down, left to right): James Connolly, Hồ Chí Minh, Wolfe Tone, and Ludwig Collins.


The predecessor to Fatherland Front was the Collins Thought portion of the Old Socialist Party of the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg led by Sean Mulryan. After Mulryan’s resignation as President, Fatherland Front broke away from the Old Socialists and its leader Ludwig Collins gained power. The First Collins presidency would see through the entirety of the Syndicalist and 2022 RLF-Greater Roscam wars. In Late April 2022, Thomas Jacobs proposed a merger between Fatherland Front and Ballinfoyleburg First, which never ended up materialising. Ludwig Collins narrowly lost the 2022 presidential election to Thomas Jacobs of Ballinfoyleburg First. Despite this, Collins still played a massive role in the running of the nation in his new role as Chancellor.

After the Ballinfoylish transition to commonwealth, Fatherland Front regained its position as the most powerful party in Ballinfoyleburg. On the 29th of April, Thomas Jacobs proposed that Ballinfoyleburg First should merge with Fatherland Front to create a party called Aontú Ballinfoyleburg. However, this did not go ahead.

In November 2022, the party lost its status as the leading party in the Federal Assembly, with it losing 2 out of its 3 seats. Ballinfoyleburg First overtook the party for the first time since the presidency of Thomas Jacobs. In response, Ludwig Collins launched the "retake the Federal Assembly" campaign in an attempt to reverse Ballinfoyleburg First gains.

In February 2023, Ballinfoyleburg First and the Galwegian Ergatist Party were dissolved and Fatherland Front became the sole ruling party in the country.


Fatherland Front was officially a Connollyist-Toneist party dedicated to the establishment of syndicalism. Although originally regarded as socially Conservative, it later adopted more progressive views. The party was strongly environmentalist, and supported replacing fossil fuels with renewable and nuclear energy.

Its "founding principles" were:

  • The capitalist system should be dismantled.
  • Capitalism should replaced with a Social-Democratic society that would later transition to a syndicalist society.
  • Societal change should be brought about through Liberal Democracy.
  • All people should be treated equally within society.
  • Governments should be subservient to the people.
  • Governments should protect their countries National Sovereignty.
  • Governments and other groups should work together on issues facing us all.
  • Environmental regulations must be put in place to combat Climate Change.
  • Both nuclear energy and renewable energy should be harnessed.
  • Countries with similar cultures and/or interests should form alliances with one another.


  1. Declared a terrorist organization by Roscamistan